Voting ended at: June 13, 2020, 9 p.m.

Weight after voting: 21.56 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 z3n nice

25 careless_finch awesome challenges

25 rbshadow Awesome

25 vidner good

15 c3rb3ru5 Challenges involved lot of guessing

23 chitkara.abhi good

25 umutoztunc Really fun challenges, but there were too many challenges with no time. New challenges were released during the final two hours.

21 7h3_b00g3ym4n Nice CTF but some really guessy

25 CaptainNick Decent CTF.

17 myria strange crypto and guessing, but nice CTF

25 vidner good

20 MinatoTW Some challenges were fun, some weren't

15 zavinator too easy crypto, strange webs and misc, good pwn and rev

25 dizvyagintsev Nice CTF, awesome challenges

15 warlock_rootx web and misc is good but no good forensic,wrong challenge pattern.

20 indocomsoft fun ctf except for the some pure guessing

19 BigBoost Overall decent CTF. Unbalanced categories. E.g. crypto really easy. Also too much guessing involved in some challenges.

1 7h3_g0d too much guessing

18 donjar ctftime time wrong (despite numerous complaints before event); no good crypto; elastic one is bs. otherwise fun.

20 t_r3x Decent CTF. unbalanced Categories and some guessing involved.

25 xCmq0CyNiN Nice

25 shreyansh26 Good CTF. But there should have been more actual Crypto problems. The ones there were extremely easy.

25 chinhnt2k3 Good CTF but unfortunately many CTFs going on at the same time

15 maro Same big mistake that happens in many CTFs: incorrect dates in ctftime ! This was off by ~6 hours ! but challenges were OK

25 http.deep The CTF was really good, nice challenges.