Voting ended at: July 10, 2020, 6 a.m.

Weight after voting: 20.72 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


20 quend

25 _k0imet it was cool

3 quend poorly organized

10 ZetaTwo Some good challenges overshadowed by various issues.

13 Wrth there are some infra problem and bad management from the organizer but some challenge are interesting

25 ApToX Great challenges

25 quanghoa27061998 Nice challs!!!

25 sttt great ctf

25 4N0NYM4U5 Good challenges and also the infra was good.

17 sa1tama0 It was awesome

25 zup Interesting challs! Was a lot of fun :)

25 Frisk nice

25 shikataganai very nice CTF

25 insomn14 great ctf

25 insomn14 great ctf

23 careless_finch There was some infra problems at the beginnings but challenges were really good.

25 Scalpel Good ctf

25 kekburger some infra problems, but fun and challenging tasks.

22 donjar early infra problems but challenges (esp crypto ones) are damn interesting although it's hard!

25 denabled nice ctf

25 noob-atbash great challenges

25 vibonacci interesting challs

25 vibonacci interesting challs

25 myrdyr Interesting challenges. Average difficulty

25 kerz Nice challs

21 JanKruse Interesting challenges, infrastructure could be better

25 ataysec average ctf

18 hk__@ Some problems were solved at the end of 30 minutes of The CTF. Weren't responsive tho the challenges were nice But really bad organization.

25 Yud nice

9 Isopach Average CTF, some infrastructure problems

10 stamparm Although there were some starting problems, there were couple of interesting challenges