Voting ended at: Oct. 19, 2020, midnight

Weight after voting: 24.43 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 alvida quite fun and creative

25 Spam fun ctf

25 Dark_Warrior Challenging & also we do lot of fun

20 SlyHer fun and challenging

24 mark_doblefilo no more challenges based on latency pls

25 Byambadalai It was hard

25 Anthares101 Nice!

25 bigpick Nice CTF

25 nickvourd NICE

25 oussbf nice

25 Neak Good CTF

1 nickvourd Not so stable CTF!

25 chinhnt2k3 Looks good

25 The_Crazyman nice ctf

24 das. nice

25 mrwhite nice

25 wongyos Good

20 rupanshugoyal nice

25 page2me good

25 page2me good

25 iafir Nice CTF

25 Nnami70 Nice CTF

25 Zarkrosh Nice CTF

25 klarz Fun CTF and interesting challenges

25 shikataganai good ctf

23 niikhil37 I had a great time and got to learn a lo

25 r3yc0n1c cool challs & good infra

25 Grillette Nice CTF. Good infrastructure and various challenge. Begginer friendly with some hard challenges.



22 FlipFuzz Cool CTF, too hard for me though...

22 _HK Note: They weren't even "actuall" crypto. sort of misc

22 _HK -3 for addrop i didn't like the challenge idea. good tasks overall. But too much crypto in pwn.

21 YASH cool great ctf

25 InersIn cool

25 ketanch nice ctf

25 nevivurn Fun ctf

22 l3t1tb3 GG

25 BLACKBEARD Stable infra very challenging tasks, expect more malware next edition

25 cwgreene Good infra; good problems.

25 53c0nd-2473 Good range of challenges, including ones for beginners, stable infrastructure, good support from admins. More web please :)

25 nullcasa Accessible but challenging, good range of categories

25 abiak Stable infra and good challenges

25 treev1l Really fun first CTF!

25 novafacing Very fun challenges, especially some of the crypto!

25 voydstack Really nice CTF, enjoyed in particular the malware challenges serie, gj !

20 aiviag-host Solid CTF! Good challenge variety and stable infrastructure. Nice!

25 CSN3RD Great CTF

19 Homard_Boy Good CTF !

25 layka_ that was great

25 Acidvenom73 Nice challenges

25 nobodyisnobody good ctf

22 havrs good ctf

25 leedskanin kathroulna m les ctf

25 igotinfected Great CTF with solid infrastructure. A bunch of good beginner challenges.

24 Neirda sdqdsq

25 Neirda Very nice CTF

25 Noodulz Loved it

25 puzzler7 Great CTF, had fun

25 reAether Nice CTF

25 zermidad easy-intermediate ctf challenge. really enjoyed it.

25 blue_spiker ?

25 Jandrov Complete and dynamic CTF

25 RickdeJager Well made CTF, especially liked rev and pwn

25 datajerk dynamic scoring, responsive admins, no noticeable infrastructure, prob. good new probs.

25 pepsipu bezout2shell was good, nice ctf

21 0x1ntegral Awesome CTF and awesome admins as well ! Maybe more Web next year ?

20 shinmai Fun CTF with a lot of more beginner-friendly challenges, too.

25 KyleForkBomb very good

25 wongyos Good

25 GlitchOne A very well made CTF, approachable by both beginners and experienced players alike.

25 NotDeGhost High quality CTF

25 you_irl admins use arch so good ctf

25 RiplePro Awesome CTF! Hope there's another one next year.

25 MillenniumX Good quality challs

13 GlitchOne A very well made CTF, approachable by both beginners and experienced players alike.

25 kolokokop nice!

25 Th0m4sK nice event

25 ataysec nice ctf