Voting ended at: Aug. 1, 2020, 1 p.m.

Weight after voting: 24.14 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 zephyr good pwn

25 Nowne good

25 wi11_ good

25 circleous try hard web, which is good

25 _k0imet Awesome CTF

25 layka_ cool ctf !

25 En1gma nice

25 Trashctf_haha Good ctf

25 Akuma nice

25 pablo_HEXcobar Nice and challenging

25 suppapan gg

25 shikataganai good ctf

18 0xc45 Quite tough

25 jammy

25 deomkicer cool

25 theoldmoon0602 good infrastructure, well designed challenges. next time I hope more originality for challenges.

25 vidner great ctf , having some fun

25 H4MA nice CTF but it would be better if you make it a little bit longer

25 wraith good ctf

25 roerohan Great challenges!

25 MinatoTW Really good and tricky challenges

25 harrier nice challs

25 ret2basic Great!

25 x0r19x91 good rev

25 FeDEX Cute pwnables

25 thebongy Nice challenges, ctf ended too quickly tho :)

25 eriri nice ctf

25 mystiz Great. Crypto challs were easy tho.

20 nobelium1@2 Hard

25 hacked07 am juste noob

25 Isopach Fun, definitely deserves more than 25.

25 pablo_HEXcobar A bit too hard for beginers but definitely a challenging CTF

25 th3fAA : )

25 F055il215 :)

20 0x69BE027C97 Difficult challenges but a little short

25 JanKruse Nice challenges, not that easy

18 iman4000 good ctf but too short for hard one

25 y4y great event but was too short

25 datajerk learned new things, great infrastructure, harder than average challenges (good)

25 sqrtrev Medium-Hard Tasks were very nice. Especially Web tasks are really nice. I learned some interest things

25 skyflaren hard tasks, web especially

24 Ninjaclasher good tasks

1 hacked07 very hard for 0 rate

25 killerdog good tasks, very hard

25 ptr-yudai stable infra / constant support / good tasks / balanced categories :+1:

25 vibonacci nice

25 AC01010 nice ctf

15 kataryniarz I have mixed feelings, some challs were good, while I wasted lots of time on an unintentional memory corruption in a crypto task :v

25 warlock_rootx Really awesome CTF, Web is super hard, Next time add forensic.

25 adragos great web challenges

25 keltecc nice challenges