Voting ended at: Sept. 27, 2020, 9 a.m.

Weight after voting: 24.44 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


24 NPC

25 redice

25 baxter2 Learnt a lot!

25 Shirajuki Very fun!

25 Equus Great challenges of all levels of difficulty (mostly leaning towards medium-hard), absolutely solid infrastructure.

25 albntomat0 High quality CTF with fun problems!

25 redice

25 ketanch ctf was great but too many osints

25 revolution The ctf was great, each challenge was very well built

25 tosofia Great ctf

25 Vofel I liked the difficulty variety

25 NightNasho good

25 4N0NYM4U5 nice challenges

25 Farkzax Good stuff.

25 0xDoge Great CTF, amazing challenges

25 Lip4ik Really nice CTF, well-balanced, interesting challenges.

23 h4ck7u5 very well organized stable ctf with friendly admins and good challenges. thank you to Australia! :-)

25 astralxploit0 Really nice CTF, well-balanced, interesting challenges.

21 rupanshugoyal NICE

25 Piier nice

25 ImTheKodiakBear Nice

25 rkm0959 fun ctf

25 qihaoooooo great CTF 8/8 m8

25 hrca good

25 kaki-epithesi good

25 AlexZander Good Pwn Challs

25 bacony Much fun!!!!!

24 readme.ctf one of the good ctf that i play

25 Mugiw4r4 great CTF

25 chinhnt2k3 Not bad, but overlapped time

23 Kl4u5 nice

25 _k0imet great challenges ... alot to learn from it

22 zavinator Good CTF

13 xzh3ha feels good

25 killerdog Good crypto challenges, nice range of difficulty. Infra was all good too.

25 Jopa0226 Challenging ctf, not for beginners

25 intentions amazing

25 The_Crazyman nice one....

25 sandy999 Fun CTF, good mix of challenges

25 xpirep Very good CTF, really fun and a lot of different types of challenges, I learnt a lot

15 skandix Nice tasks, a god variety of easy,medium and hard tasks.

25 r3yc0n1c good challs, infra and admins

25 zup Mixed difficulty and a lot of great challenges. I really enjoyed the cloud challs

25 cwgreene Few with infrastructure, and they posted full writeups and source to github immediately after completion. Exceptionally Well Run.

25 whoamiT Gg

25 rok0s gg

25 WittsEnd2 Good CTF

25 aim nice challenges!!!!!!!

25 datajerk well done. infrastructure up, on time, no probs with scale, good range of challenges (breadth and depth)

25 saw-your-packet Except for the web challenges, it was really fun.

25 andrecoco Really nice challenges

25 constr Nice CTF with a good mix of beginner challenges and more complex ones

25 mmxmb gg

25 Al3x2 nice

25 Trashctf_haha Nice CTF

25 AlexZander Good Challenges.

25 y4y pretty good event

24 mrWh1te As a beginner the challenges were fun to play and knowledgeable.

25 Folcoxx Nice CTF

25 1GN1tE Great CTF, Beginner friendly.

25 Rb916120 Great ctf learn a lot

25 hiro thank you for this great ctf

25 uqcybersquad amazing, AU wide CTF that replaces CySCA for the year!

25 Es7evam Great ctf, nice challenges for beginners and advanced players. Tons of challenges with a lot to learn

25 h3x Good CTF for beginners also

25 zekookez Good variety of challenges

25 Kahla Nice ctf overall

20 Kahla nice ctf overall but admin BlueAlder were not responsive at all and didn't respond to me or my teammates

20 strassi a lot of challenges.

25 hongwei123 Challenging CTF

25 S1r1u5 good ctf

25 152334H Good stuff

25 [deleted user] GG

25 Sud0u53r Nice challs

25 insomn14 awesome chall

25 suppapan gg

25 SpiderPigXL Great ctf i learned alot and had a blast

25 d4nav awesome CTF with some great challenges

25 zomg Google Cloud challenges were my fav. Thanks Blue Alder!!!!

25 Iuc Many challenges on different lvl of difficult. Superb CTF

25 ataysec good ctf

25 alb1or1x Funny

25 roerohan Good one

25 hunter_213 good ctf

25 simmyno Enough challenges

25 lucaschen1000 highly original crypto

25 Casparov awesome ctf with a great mixture of beginner to insane

25 danielep Perfect CTF, absolutely no problems with infrastructure, challenges were interesting and not that easy, very little guessing

25 holme_sec Great CTF!

25 nosurf Fantastic comp, great job to all involved

24 holme_sec Great CTF!

25 leedskanin nice ctf sahitou

25 Th0m4sK cool challenges

25 Choski No more train tracks, for the love of god.

24 InersIn cool

25 jame Challenging and fun

20 En1gma good ctf.

25 warlock_rootx nice ctf really cool challenges

25 deluqs Superb event, hard challenges (I'm looking at you web :eyes:) but good community and good prizes

20 Fieldraccoon Good ctf overall with some good challenges, some could have been a lot better

25 _HK cool challenges.

25 BabySharkDoDoDoDoDo Osint challs were hella fun but I don't want to see any more railroads :)

25 agarman Great CTF with very fun OSINT challenges

25 Londek how can i edit 6 weight vote

25 wongyos Good CTF event

6 Londek original

25 rcprramachandraprasad Excellent and Learned a lot

25 NightNasho Good

25 Scalpel Really fun challenges