Voting ended at: Sept. 28, 2020, midnight

Weight after voting: 95.95 / 100.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


100 defund insane

100 p4w nice ctf

95 hxp very awesome CTF, -5 for guessy (but doable) misc

100 _k0imet Awesome CTF.... alot of take away notes for next time

100 readme.ctf cool ctf

100 jimmyl02 Well organized CTF. Learned a lot from the web challenges.

70 meithecatte While Birds (and Mask, for that matter) were ridiculous, other challs were quite enjoyable. Hopefully no pure guessing next year ;)

100 harrier Nice CTF as always, learnt a lot.

100 kcz146 great.

100 desconocido Quality ctf, stable infra, creative challs

100 c7fm0d3 100(pwn)

100 nazywam Those 1's are ridiculous though ?

90 nazywam Forced misc challenges were pretty weird but other than that pretty cool

100 poiko Just very good quality overall. I would deduct a few points for the misc challs, but voting 100 to balance the ridiculous 1-point votes.

100 ptr-yudai I vote 100 to balance. Stable infra, very high quality of tasks, and constant IRC support. This CTF is absolutely worth more than 95.

100 smallkirby hard, but interesting and well-designed pwn challs : ) Thanks!

100 herrera Great web challenges!

100 okas832 Good

100 rkm0959 fun CTF :)

100 theoldmoon0602 interesting and hard challenges, good operation, good infrastructure. worldmost fun ctf

100 ret2jazzy Very nice challenges

100 iman4000 great ctf with 1day vuln in web chall! Wow

100 @clnr

100 explo1t Very nice and interesting challenges, clear communication and good platform. The scoreboard refresh rate could be a bit faster ^^

100 hur Challenging

100 sqrtrev Super hard

100 icemonster Top CTF. Excellent crypto

100 officialaimm loved all web challenges but man the angular universe was totally unique!

100 terjanq What about Mask? Seemed to be guessy as well to me. Worth 26 points, Birds was worth 41 actually.

100 sampriti Nice challenges, maybe too much Rev. Also I don't understand the issue with misc, the only guessing task (Birds) was worth 26 points.

100 theKidOfArcrania good :)

94 hack_at_ash +100 Best as always; -5 misc; -2 Too many angular; +1 I feel you about unexpected 1day vuln

100 defund orz

100 sasza8 I liked the guessing challenge.

100 A2nkF Interesting selection of challs, stable platform, file changes were transparent, communication with admins worked, so pretty great CTF!

100 sintemal noice

1 meithecatte I agree with the assessment of my good friend Pharisaeus. CTFs rated 100 shouldn't have a guessing category.

100 moka creative&fun

100 0x3C3E nice

90 holme_sec Quite challenging CTF

1 Pharisaeus The score is calculated as: 100(re)*100(crypto)*100(pwn)*100(web)*0(misc) = 0

95 aim very challenging!

97 BigBoost Great quality

91 Zer0Luck so so

100 r3yc0n1c great CTF

100 meowmeowxw Top quality ctf

100 CaptainFreak good webs

100 Bin4ryGh0st Awesome Challs

100 Th0mas_ Well designed challanges, good variety

100 boredperson good challenges

100 terjanq Nice CTF

100 gdpr.1630336889.098da434eace31 nice and difficult challenges, no issues

100 thotypous Reversing was hardcore