Voting ended at: Sept. 13, 2020, 7 p.m.

Weight after voting: 36.35 / 37.500

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


37 Daddy_Zuccherato Nice ctf

37 pluxtore very good infrastructure and challanges

37 f4lc0n Decent set of challenges.

35 r4j Well organised, the problem set was decent.

37 JackMcCrack thanks for all the fish

37 itsecgary Very cool and challenging ctf

36 kowu No stego, therefore -1 rating points

37 shou great!!!1

37 defund alright

36 zavinator good ctf, hard challs

37 maritio_o Enjoyed the challenges I worked on, very nice CTF!

35 chinhnt2k3 "Easy" challs are actually quite hard

37 hack_at_ash +1: Overall good challenges, CTFTime social sign in, Automated PoW / -1: Some guesses (olddos/pyjail), CTF extended during contest

37 dr_doofus Quite hard for beginners, infrastructure was good

37 RetroCraft fun challenges, but they were generally hard for beginners

37 pdyx Nice challenges, difficult for a beginner.

37 Sud0u53r Nice challs

28 trickster nice one, but not without tech problems

37 doxavg Loved the chals, was close on a few, too many ctfs feel like you grab a chal and smack head against brick wall, good mix!

30 leedskanin il manque des challenges d'autres disciplines

37 braunse Pretty hard, some doable, some too guessy for my taste.

37 0xDoge Amazing CTF, challenges felt hard but doable for a beginner. First CTF in a while that drew me in

37 simmyno Harder than anticipated

37 joshdabosh very gud

37 constr Awesome challenges, but very difficult

37 0x3C3E awesome

37 0xd4rk Awesome challenges

37 Bin4ryGh0st Faced some infra issue at the beginning but, overall great experience!

37 leont Good Challenges, nice Authors and Admins

37 hensur challenging challenges

37 groke___ cool CTF!

37 anon4 awesome!