Voting ended at: Nov. 1, 2020, noon

Weight after voting: 24.09 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 XJunior nice one

25 gr33nm0nk2802 Loved it

12 whooperilla This challenge have a mixed difficulties. For beginners like us, it was a very fun CTF. We learned so much

23 arifwc nice challenges

25 tanyudha awesome

25 Anthares101 Great CTF!

25 SkKzaR Great competition, various tasks and well developed!

25 mob good ctf!

25 underhill Nice quantity and breadth of problems

25 c3p0

25 Eth007 cool CTF

25 shikataganai nice ctf

25 r3yc0n1c nice challenges and good infra

25 chinhnt2k3 Not bad

25 mrWh1te nice CTF

25 feetus Had a great learning experience!

25 kosong Nice

18 AlexDash Very fun and educational CTF! I wish more CTFs included OSINT challenges. I miss u Mr.Casyn.

20 warriorlabs Had a blast!

22 bow Very cool CTF!

25 mob cool ctf!

24 ajmalsiddiqui Really fun CTF. Pretty wide range of problems and difficulties, and quite beginner friendly as well.

25 The_Crazyman nice ctf

25 The_Crazyman nice ctf

25 PingTrip Nice range of challenges both in type and difficulty.

25 21ma good!

24 1103 Excellent CTF, the best range of topics and difficulty level I have ever seen in a CTF.

22 JaXigt Great CTF. Wide range of categories and difficulties. Only criticism - it was a bit short, especially for those not in the same time-zone!

23 joaoccm A really fun competition and a great learning experience

22 Pedrocssg I'll miss you, Mr. Casyn

23 c3p0 well done

25 patchcat OSINT was fun!

23 KyleForkBomb challenges were mostly okay, had some infrastructure issues

22 ILightThings I found you mr. casyn! First CTF and we had a blast!

25 Infreezy Enjoyed my time and learned new things, good ctf.

25 HackedLux An awesome CTF for beginners

25 Alpha5k One of my favorites this year

25 zeosutt very nice

25 InersIn

25 r3dact0r Perfect balance of challs. Some really awesome ones too.

25 Adnan_Slef Some cool pwn challs

25 SemahBA N1

25 rcprramachandraprasad Good and Excellent CTF Learned a Lot

25 gregalletti Very good ctf with a lot of challenges of various topics

25 Xeno Well designed, with lots of challenges ranging in difficulty from easy to no-one-solved-it. Very good communication throughout too

25 Dark_Warrior Beginner friendly ctf

25 Raizyr Perfect CTF, good tasks

20 insomn14 fun ctf

25 Lost0x01 Very enjoyable with good range of challenges

25 ShivamGoyal1899 Was fun finding Mr. Casyn! Awesome CTF. Cheers to MetaCTF!

22 bourbon Wide variety of challenges make for good learning

25 BLACKBEARD Nice quality of challenges, good infra. Unique admin response system(metamail). Learned a lot with the forensics.

25 tripoloski learn a lot

25 wylde Super fun CTF

25 satranfah001 good very fun

25 b1ackp3ar1 Challenges level was intermediate

25 Ethereal Fun CTF! I liked the web and osint challs :)

25 InersIn

25 3xLidBiouA Definitely had a good time participating in this CTF!

25 Cuttlerat cool

25 Iytoto122 full of fun =)

25 wongyos Very fun

14 josephhuxley Very good ctf