Voting ended at: Oct. 25, 2020, 2 a.m.

Weight after voting: 20.09 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 Th0m4sK Lot of fun, Great

20 sandrasrin23 Super Fun

16 0Adiber It was way easier than anything I have participated yet, but there still were some tricky challenges

25 JuJu Fun

25 darkstar I had a lot of fun.

25 outOfCheese nice one

20 kartibok Only my secondCTF and thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing. Looking forward to the 2021 version!!

25 ctf5science nice

22 str4code good start

25 deNableD nice CTF

25 pandaxcs Good for beginners

25 c3p0 best one so far

25 DawidTheCactus Good ctf for begginers - lots of challs have hints so its very good if you stareted your journey with ctf


20 yo. Fun theme, liked that there was OSINT bleeding across all the challenges. Lots of hard work by 1 person. Some challenges too guessy.

24 b1ackp3ar1 Nice challs of malware analysis and forensics

25 PingTrip Large selection of challenges, massive backstory and very little technical issues with the platform

22 havrs cool

20 killerdog Fun entry level CTF. Some guessy steg/osint.

25 H4ck57r1x Good

25 H4ck57r1x Good one

25 yunapjuna Fun and interesting challenges.

25 InersIn

1 datajerk steg, guessing, static scoring

25 leedskanin nice ctf

25 nickvourd Awesome CTF

6 KOOLI Quality tasks will never need hints.

25 4darkstar9 OK CTF, begginer-friendly. Little guessy

23 Panzki Nice ctf with a lot of entry level challenges.

20 karmanyaahm Some very interesting malware analysis

19 P4intP Great event, loved the narrative behind it.

25 kekburger entry level, but none guessy challs! Had great fun.

21 Lip4ik best lore

25 helboi Interesting interface and good challenges

25 AuraSmasher great for beginners

5 zavinator Guessy, unrealistic, not original, entry level challs

1 protozeit Initial 0 pt challenges were very frustrating

22 QzSG Had some issues but ok overall.

24 chinhnt2k3 Some bad challs

15 mark_doblefilo poor, server down multiples times and challenges of guessing

1 AntiSquid didn't enjoy it because of some flaws with the challenge, initial 0 point puzzles were annoying, 5-8 hours no new puzzles for anyone

1 AntiSquid didn't enjoy it because of some flaws with the challenge, initial 0 point puzzles were annoying

25 Rb916120 Great evnet

25 elliot_pwn One of the best CTF for beginners.

25 Al3x2 nice

25 mrwhite One of the best CTF I have played .

18 luc3k Vast amount of challenges, beginner level, but fun :-)

15 BLACKBEARD Guessy challs, only 2-3 admins to cater to many participants. Only cool thing were the badges and the traffic analysis challenges

25 Morc Nice CTF

25 x1mus Really cool CTF for beginners, there were a lot a challs, so you don't get frustrated on the first one

25 Dark_Warrior Nice beginner friendly ctf

25 klarz Fun CTF, and even some unique challenges.

25 kerz Nice challs.

20 bawstaws Decent CTF

25 Anthares101 Nice ctf, we really enjoyed!

24 str4code nice

1 warlock_rootx challenge server is down for more than 8 hours, admin response is super worst.too much delay response

25 The_Crazyman cool ctf

25 0x7anmay interesting challenges got to learn a lot.

25 Van0Jan Nice challenges, but scoreboard..

25 3@gl3rati Interesting interface and good challenges

25 3@gl3rati Interesting interface and good challenges


5 wongyos Good chall but incorrect scoreboard