Voting ended at: Dec. 20, 2020, 3 p.m.

Weight after voting: 65.47 / 100.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


1 areareare Average CTF, not on the scale of 65. Was abt to give 50, but seeing admins are manipulating vote by their acc - Slamming a 1

100 sfk Well ok with some issues

100 aquamannext Hope they publish write-ups tho

100 concolicC Pretty sure this ctf should be more than 10 or 11

100 zhskh Some challenges had problems, but definitely those scores are unfair.

11 ADSIZLAR777 Trio, Coffeehouse, RE and Congruence were not on the level of 80 pts CTF :(( . Otherwise, It was ok. Orgs were decent people tho

3 21312313123 Stop releasing challs before 5 hour of the end. Stop releasing unsolvable challs. Wasted my entire weekend, Cant give more than 10 to thrash

100 pwntimmy Well asis ctf worth more than 20!

100 bluefloyd .

14 naoki23 Ouch, I’m new to this rating thing. Mistakenly gave 4 and my cat mistyped (kek) the CTF name I guess? LOL. Adjusting it back.

4 naoki23 My first CTF - AOEI CTF was not very bad. Will totally play next year. Congruence was a nasty chal tho. Thanks to orgs for their efforts.

100 marzhanoiid very hard

100 mohyie :// what are that scores?

100 mamad.hny really why you vote score 1????

25 Th0mas_ Congruence looked like a really clean crypto, but if it really is unsolvable I wasted too much time.

25 SIben I spent more CPU cycles than brain cycles solving the tasks. Lots of artificial difficulty, and I believe congruence was unsolvable.

50 [deleted user] sorry

50 [deleted user] sorry

1 gdpr.1608071981.23b4b5e9e42a30 bad ctf, hated ppc and crypto, bad start for me! heading for hxp ctf, also looking for teammates btw!

1 gdpr.1608071910.f88811bff00b57 Very disappointed

100 edimadedi Excellent ctf but very hard, I am looking for teammates!

100 2ruws9z8qfgc come on!!!

20 NieDzejkob Will reconsider once congruence solver script is released.

100 I loved ASIS pwn and reverse, good start for me! Thanks and heading for hxp ctf! (also looking for teammates!)

100 charlieww74 ok ctf

25 rkm0959 crypto/ppc has massive issues. heard from others pwn/web was good. heard from others rev had some issues. also pow is pain

35 yum1n Good web

40 t_r3x Decent

20 sampriti Crypto/ppc is just lot of brute force/computation. Reverse unoriginal. Good pwn

100 sina.rismanchian Good reverse!

100 me@2000 hope you be better {Damn COVID 19}. good pwn and web.

100 reloelf Sadly I heard Asis team members are struggling with covid 19, hope they are ok and good ctf.

60 fsh further notes/justification:

100 beny Nice ctf, please remove the annoying pow

50 m3ssap0 Web challenges were fun.

20 defund And I'm really frustrated by the infrastructure, i.e. if you're going to have PoW please give full server source so we can run locally

20 defund AdminSaidFalseThingsAboutTrioCouleur,PreventedUsFromSolvingSinceEachRunTook20MinutesOnAFreaking100CoreMachine,AlsoCongruenceProllyUnsolvable

100 0x78 Good web and pwn.

100 danielep Very good pwn

40 disconnect3d Although nice pwns, some other challs were guessy

25 cts Some good challenges but there were also too many guessy ones.

20 Redford I'd rate it 30, but I'm giving -10 bonus for not listening to the last year's feedback. Longer comment:

30 localo Some challenges were guessy, it was a bit unclear that everybody can participate -> "Finals" hints for only qualified teams..

20 r4j Most pwns were good (except vote). Crypto and ppc needed heavy computation and some were probably unsolvable.

50 borysp Some challs were nice, some were supper bad + couple of other issues

50 sqrtrev the web need 100pts but look at other categories.These were just like guessing CTF. Even what was fake flag for rev?

50 sqrtrev the web need more than 50pts but look at other categories.These were just like guessing CTF. Even what was fake flag for rev?

25 rbtree Need comments really? (Crypto/Rev/PPC)

20 r4j Most pwns were good (except vote). Crypto and ppc were needed heavy computation and some were probably unsolvable.

20 hellman Unsolvable / guessy / unnecessary computational heavy challenges :( [crypto,ppc]

100 terjanq after recent "BIG CTFS" you start noticing small efforts like releasing one chall per category at the begining so no one is bored. Webs 100.

50 mystiz Every single question I have done required brute-force.