Voting ended at: Oct. 12, 2020, midnight

Weight after voting: 35.64 / 37.500

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


37 Miyazawa8 Stego challenge with 7z was great.

37 rcprramachandraprasad Good

37 killerdog difficult challenges of pretty good quality. Deserves much higher weighting.

35 luc3k Very difficult challenges. Demanding CTF.

36 hellman Only two cryptos (but nice ones), otherwise cool and diverse

37 joey Very nice pwn challenges

37 h4ckd0tm3 Good Challs, good memes.

30 _HK No announcement on ctfd, direct on irc, cool challenges

28 leedskanin Keboul li darou bessah mlih

37 antox good memes

37 Th0m4sK great

37 Bin4ryGh0st Hard one

37 MRX_B15H4L Good Challenges

37 0xParrot Good infras and web challenges and some of them required a little guessing which is fine and solvable. I enjoyed.

37 sqrtrev Very hard web challenges,, but need some guessing. Anyway, I got pain both fun and pain