Voting ended at: Dec. 6, 2020, 2 p.m.

Weight after voting: 88.98 / 100.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


100 how2hack nice

100 lys0829 nice

90 kartibok Great format - but as a beginner I found it quite hard. More at easy level would be appreciated.

85 ss23 Fun, but too many pwn

90 Adikso nice

69 jlxip Some challenges weren't too comfortable to solve. But in general, pretty good.

51 0v3rf10w Only Pwn :( :(

100 0v3rf10w Enjoyed to play and frustated too sometimes :(

100 _k0imet Everything was nuts . .but atleast there's a destination to reach ....

100 N4NU awesome

100 poiko Too little time for all the awesome challenges. One of the best.

95 disconnect3d Great ctf, good tasks

90 Mem2019 Challenges are good, but time is a bit short and unfair for some of the timezones

100 lomik so hard

100 nafod Great challenges

100 cybernatedwizard Awesome

100 [email protected] Very hard. Hope to do better next year.

100 kataryniarz I liked reversing challs

100 nobodyisnobody hard. interesting challenges, but too many pwn, for too little time..

99 meowmeowxw good

100 circleous amazing

100 JJJollyjim Really fun challenges (so many pwnables though.....)

100 sampriti Amazing

100 sampriti Amazing

90 icchy well-designed challenges as always, hopefully more web and less pwn next time :)

100 borysp Awesome as always (though too many webs)!

100 cts Totally kicked my ass.

100 Redford Great challenges, definitely one of the best CTFs in the year. It's more low-level-oriented, but IMO that's completely fine.

100 JinBlack pwnables were good! Lot of fun! :D

20 winw Not balanced categories. Weight is too high.

70 pedroysb Crypto could be better, like it was previous years.

99 sqrtrev -1 for only one web

90 Riatre Need more diversity (i.e. Web challenges), but otherwise really really awesome challenges!

100 Kaiziron so hard

100 mebeim Hardcore shit

100 r4j Tasks were amazing as always

100 r4j Too hard

1 terjanq One web challenge in a CTF with the weight of 98,11 ?!