Voting ended at: Oct. 3, 2020, 11 p.m.

Weight after voting: 25.00 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


22 leedskanin ctf for real OISNT best kech kdha mena bnadem anglais ta3ou m9owed

25 page2me ok

25 page2me ok

25 jerepretto Best CTF ever

25 rubiodamian One of the most important CTFs oof Latin America

25 einar-lanfranco Great CTF! really fun!

25 galoget Nice CTF, awesome challenges, some of them were new compared to other CTFs. A lot of them were focused on malware mainly. Had a lot of fun.

23 Steans Nice CTF. Some challenges had some (malware-realated) real-life reference, which I personally like.

25 x0r19x91 Interesting

25 Nics Focused on malware

25 wongyos good

25 Fieldraccoon good ctf idk

25 explo1t Platform good, challenges more on the guessy side and and not that difficult. Challenges sadly not internationalized (Bank e.g.)

25 justjosef Fun CTF! Intereseting GIT challenges, no prior experience with malware but learned alot, thanks!

25 bawstaws Good CTF with a lot of quite unique challenges. Some of the Trivia challs were a bit guessy.

25 maurom I haven't had this much fun since the Avispa-E malware ages. Thanks you guys for the challenges.

25 ikuamike Very good and fun challenges

25 k1nsbru Wonderful, different to traditional ones!

25 nikos Fun CTF, good challenges. The sponsor, social and similar challenges were a bit 'in your face' and not that enjoyable though.

100 nikos Good CTF, the sponsor, social and similar challenges were a bit 'in your face' and not that enjoyable.

25 andro1de great CTF

25 zup Fun challenges with real malware samples.

25 th4nos Fun enough, didn't enjoy the social, survey, slogan type of challenges though.

25 bacony Fun CTF, more web please!

25 Nox Thanks for the CTF

25 killerdog Fun challenges, although there were several where you "solve" the actual challenge, then working out what the flag was was a bit guessy

25 Folcoxx Malware so fun

12 zermidad There were some challenges that you get points for filling the survey or playing an online game to get 1000 points.

25 WittsEnd2 Really cool challenges! Great to see something unique

25 BrOoDkIlLeR SuperFun! For the asshole from OpenToAll that voted 1, im sure you didnt even pass 1 challenge

25 m3moryleak Wonderful CTF !

25 Octa Fun challenges and real malware samples. Definitely not a common CTF. The git and github were excellent, very interesting. Learned a lot!

25 r3yc0n1c nice infra and challs

25 1GN1tE Great for researching malware

25 nicomz Fun CTF

25 NicolaiS Fun / alternative CTF. A lot of real-world malware

25 python4004 Fun CTF

25 _k0imet Fun CTF ....

25 JuJu Easy

25 BLACKBEARD Great for aspiring malware analysts

25 FreezeLuiz_ fun, could be better though

25 tbi Great challs. Fun ctf!

25 fjank Awesome!

25 kekburger Fun challenges related to real malware samples.

25 S-o-m-e-1 Fantastic CTF

25 Scalpel Fantastic CTF, loved it!

100 Fieldraccoon very unique ctf but it was quite fun

1 maniex worst ctf I've ever played