Voting ended at: Nov. 1, 2020, 1:37 p.m.

Weight after voting: 94.48 / 100.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


100 Knockout nice

100 zup Nice CTF. The challenges were fun!

60 chinhnt2k3 Hard challs, not enough time

100 boredperson good challs, best theming ever

100 icemonster Excellent crypto and web challenges (didn't see the other ones). I learned a lot, thanks for organizing this CTF

100 BLACKBEARD Stable infra, cool theme, great quality challenges

100 HanEmile nice!

100 Demoniaque The provided Dockerfiles/docker-compose.ymls were very nice! Amazing modern execution and great tasks.

70 fsh Wrote more in detail here:

95 strassi Hard Challenges; Web Challenges were awesome -> supplied source code to kept you from guessing #liveoverflowdiffguessingandnotknowing

100 oreos Nice CTF and challs

100 devploit Really nice CTF

100 r3yc0n1c stable infra and great challs....learned a lot

71 elliot_pwn Oh the theme was cool xD

95 ptr-yudai stable infra / good irc support / difficulty (for each category) was a bit too unbalanced / awesome challenges

100 igotinfected Hard but enjoyable challenges!

100 ret2jazzy Great challenges

100 1GN1tE Enjoyed solving the challs

100 empty.jack Zajebisty

100 theKidOfArcrania very fun!

100 kekburger fun challenges :)

100 Acidvenom73 Nice challs, fun theme

100 meowmeowxw challanges were good

100 Knockout Good challenges

100 MoSaleh Not easy challenges, a lot of fun in it, and much learning from it

100 NicolaVV Funny challenges, +100 for best ctf theme award.

99 zavinator Zajebisty CTF :)

81 hack_at_ash +90 Great challenges & good insight about contest / -3 less crypto / -5 Collection is not crypto / -1 guessy callboy

100 ilyaluk Awesome challenges, had much fun solving

100 sampriti Good challenges!

100 parrot Very nice web challenges

100 vladvis good web challenges

90 Toroto006 Really nice setup and fun challenges! Would have loved to have more time to invest this weekend...

100 sqrtrev Really advanced web challenges. Enjoyed a lot :)

90 pedroysb Crypto could be better

100 terjanq Good job!