Voting ended at: Oct. 22, 2020, noon

Weight after voting: 20.25 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 str4code good

1 0xNinja Easy-medium challenges, many guessing challenges and not related to the categories (some BF in crypto, web and OSINT, reverse in pwn...)

5 4N0NYM4U5 1 pwn and 1 rev challenge that to really basic ones... and the flag format was bad. too much attempts required to submit the flags

25 satranfah001 good but osints verybad

25 Spam fun ctf

23 Dark_Warrior Challenging

25 das. nice

10 M2A OSINT challenges ware a bit specific (5 challenges got less then 5 solvers), admins were nice

25 shikataganai awesome

25 The_Crazyman nice ctf

25 shikataganai awesome

21 maurom enjoyed some tasks, like the ones with DNS and RIPE DB, but most OSINT favored local ppl; many tasks were guessy & w misleading flag formats

25 iloop fun but hard

25 CSN3RD Nice ctf. Some challenges could be improved by giving more hints as they were just guess challenges.

25 JuJu Guessy

25 Iytoto122 Very intereseting and a lot of fun =)

23 h4ck7u5 very good chals, nice admins, very stable infra, little guessing

25 Notrack A variety of challenging activities. Fun*3.

8 karma9874 Challs were guessy and not categorize, crypto challs was misleading

1 korami flag format not present, some challenges did not make sense in some categories, most OSINT challenges were guessing and country dependent

25 vcpo This was the greatest CTF ever. I love the admins!

25 Byambadalai Fun challenges but only have one reverse, pwn

21 MoSaleh Wasn't an easy ctf, much guessing and osint, but fun experience

25 c3p0 nice

21 wongyos Guessy challegees, limit the submission answers

25 _k0imet good play,however the scoreboard froze before the ctf concluded...lost us some hard gained points

25 ataysec scrambled categories

4 leedskanin tiri bark comme ctf ,oisnt f plasset dhak chi hadouk m3a hadik nabil tala3 foug moussa ,houssem yessawer fl'arriere boutique a spi dirou 7al

25 M2A Nice CTF we had fun playing it, OSINT challenges ware a bit specific (5 challenges got less then 5 solvers), admins were nice

25 r3yc0n1c some challenges were weird tbh but the admins were good!

25 Van0Jan Guessy challenges, but CTF hosted on high level

25 str4code Some are guessy

25 SemahBA guessy challenges, but the admins were nice

25 bvr0n flags were bad and all the ctf was a guessing challenge with limited attempts


25 afonsotfaria21 As armas e os Barões assinalados Que da Ocidental praia Lusitana, Por mares nunca de antes navegados Passaram ainda além da Taprobana,

25 icemonster I Guess that if this was called gtftime, this would be the top GTF! No more than 25 points tho