Voting ended at: Nov. 4, 2020, 5:30 a.m.

Weight after voting: 21.82 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


23 str4code decent

25 shikataganai awesome CTF

20 xeqwerty ok

25 Th0m4sK great CTF

12 BitFriends cool

1 MrPos3id0n bad reversing, bad organizer for not give us the IRC

25 The_Crazyman Nice CTF

1 theKidOfArcrania .

25 Mr.T3acher Android challenges was good

25 MoSaleh Very gpod experience and knowledge

25 0xRetr0 gj

23 SnowGlobe_io Nice Chall

25 FSE Good mix of teams and large selection of different fields of challenges

20 Londek Best GTF

25 SrBleu Very interesting challs

20 zermidad I really enjoyed this ctf but the challenges were a bit easy :)

25 _Ph03N1X_ Nice challs

25 streaker_rules decent

25 streaker_rules decent

20 elliot_pwn Overall great CTF . Flag format was a bit guessy for some challs

25 LandonJones Enjoyed the Android problems.

25 Wh1r1w1nd it was very nice with a lot of ideas, thanks.

25 c3p0 not bad

25 Saberium That was awesome!

15 Acidvenom73 CTF focused on quantity > quality, nonetheless would have liked to see more pwns.

25 chinhnt2k3 Good

25 Mugiw4r4 good ctf

10 unblvr Good for beginner level. Many duplicate challs w/small differences. Bad flag format in many challs, w/o notice. Confusing web-UI. Guessy.

25 Bisicetea Nice CTF

24 r3yc0n1c steg was cool

25 shikataganai really awesome

10 zup Some cool challenges, but very very guessy and flags deviated from the format.

25 _k0imet all went well no complaints whatsoever

25 suppapan gg

25 klarz fun CTF!

22 nullcasa Not bad, enjoyed some of the challenges, particularly in web category. No infra issues.

23 qazws decent. the platform could use some improvements.

24 Alone_Fe it was fun

25 blue_spiker Enjoyed it

25 satranfah001 good

23 1GN1tE Flags were guessy for some challs... Android Revs are cool

25 bvr0n goood

25 kosong nice

23 Kucharskov Very nice, interesting challenges but sometimes it need really straight knowledge...

20 iman4000 good ctf but there are misc in all categories which us suffer! :)

20 BLACKBEARD Only aspect that I liked is that there were many android challs in this ctf

20 BLACKBEARD Only aspect that I liked where that there were many android challenges in this ctf

25 3@gl3rati Nice challenges, though some flags were ambiguous

25 wongyos I love this event

25 fa.deldar Nice CTF

9 maritio_o .. waste time would be if we got the first place and got CTFtime points lol. (Good job EPT, keep up the good work!!)

10 maritio_o I think chall QA was missing. Quantity > quality. Flags deviated from the format. Wasted time on this CTF as the only reason it would not

20 ItsDrDragonBitch ok

25 kerz nice chall

25 kekburger Best GTF I've played this week!

25 Al3x2 Niceeeeeeee!!!!