Voting ended at: May 2, 2021, 10 p.m.

Weight after voting: 26.54 / 54.600

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


8 Sableur biased challenges that would need Minecraft / ESP / external tools not available to everyone. some challenges flags were very very guessy

21 h4cktitum Web and crypto were very mediocre, Misc and pwn had some interesting ideas. Infra very unstable, overall not great but not bad.

44 MrEn1gma -10 for easy reversing, it must be harder with rating 54, hope the organizers make WPI great again.

54 danielep Chall quality was higher last year

40 BaadMaro Nice challenges, some challs with the wrong category, some guessy challs, few challenges and some infra problems. Good luck next year

15 deltaclock Some challenges were quite good, while some others, very bad and guessy. Very few challenges. Infra problems. Hope its better next year.

45 lionaneesh Some questions involved guessing but still really interesting challenges especially pwns were a refresher on some uncommon architectures :D

54 pysu good challenges, overall a good ctf

36 tkgk infra could have been better, some challenges were guessy and annoying, but the good ones still overweighted the bad ones

12 warlock_rootx 54 nooo its too much, web and forensic is nothing, even author said his challenge is too bad.

1 Pharisaeus Mislabelled categories, lots of guessing, a total waste of time. Trash-tier ctf.

15 zavinator Guessy challs, unstable infra, WPICTF2020 has been much better :(

50 space_cowboy Original challenges, maybe some could have been done better, but in the end all of them got solved so it was possible...

20 LostFaith not bad CTF, but a lot of problems...

7 qu1 Lot of problems but quite nice. Good luck next year.

30 Shotokhan Interesting challenges overall, but there were some problems with the infrastructure and some challenges were guessy.

8 captainGeech A couple interesting challenges, but had a lot of issues. Unstable infra, literal buy the flag, guessy chals. Fingers crossed for next year