Voting ended at: Jan. 10, 2021, midnight

Weight after voting: 36.75 / 37.500

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


37 w3b00 Good CTF

37 Grozby

37 lan666as

37 0xparrot

37 nobodyisnobody not bad.. some problems...flag disappeared on server for web server...

37 TheBlueflame121 Had pretty good crypto challenges

37 MillenniumX difficult challenges!

33 chinhnt2k3 Not bad

36 hellman Nice cryptos, but could be more :P

37 hrca Amazing CTF. Little tough but with great learning opportunity.

37 eldstal Relatively small number of tasks, of high quality. A few were unusually open to very different solutions, which is cool.

37 whoamiT

37 Kaimi good old php web tasks

37 _k0imet Had fun

37 sqrtrev Some challs were hard and meaningful. Enjoyed a lot

37 hunter_213 useful

31 chinhnt2k3 Not bad

37 mystiz Liked "unevaluated" very much, which made me digging into rabbit holes...

37 killerdog Good crypto

37 sechopgoblin

37 farazsth98 good pwns

37 rkm0959 very, very solid crypto challs!

37 r4j Amazing CTF quality tasks.