Voting ended at: March 7, 2021, 9 a.m.

Weight after voting: 50.92 / 52.755

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


52 p4w nice ctf

52 minn3 the challenge was to hard

52 v3ntur4X Hard CTF

52 AlessandroZanatta It was great! Learnt a ton!

52 justlikebono nice chall

50 jagotu hard challenges, not too guessy, interesting pwn

40 Ark hard and interesting challs, but no source code and partly guessy for web

52 danielep Awesome challs

52 n4sm Very interesting ctf, hard (for me) but very cool

52 aaSSfxxx Nice RE challs, hard but rewarding CTF

52 rbtree Crypto challenges were decent.

52 r3yc0n1c totally worth it...learned a lot (PS admins were kind and infra was stable too)

52 vitmalkin hard tasks, but interesting

52 nobodyisnobody good ctf, nice challenges.

52 rkm0959 very solid crypto challs

52 fl3x3dd Жмыхнуло очень уверенно

52 aenniw Hard

52 Anakayn nice CTF. Few tasks per category but each task was pretty unique and medium / hard. Also, admins were available and nice !

52 nicksv Hard but cool tasks

52 parrot -10 less webs, -5 medium webs ( expected harder ), +10 not guessy webs, +5 because it was first time they were trying webs.

52 r3nbou nice cock awesome balls