Voting ended at: April 4, 2021, 2 p.m.

Weight after voting: 14.20 / 49.095

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


5 greg0r0 Too much web and guessing Only crypto was interesting

49 y12uN awesome crypto challenges.

1 yuyu nice guessy chals bois. next time just make volga like in past years.

25 proger10 Not the worst edition of VolgaCTF, but not the best =\

49 toasterpwn difficult but fun

49 L0nm4r great challenges

17 JaGoTu Would give 20 but -3 for memes instead of answers. Most challenges were alright, some stegos were just dumb.

1 ricks2600 I decided not to play... too much web... too little binary tasks...

20 johnnovikov0 Points for web, it was mostly ok, but the guessing percent is also high, but don't thing that weight should be such small.

35 johnnovikov0 Points for web, it was mostly ok, but the guessing percent is also high, but don't thing that weight should be such small.

1 r4j stego

6 codacker u need to be a guess god to be able to solve these challenges.

6 deuterium 0xbad

1 thesage guessing only

10 QwErTyRev Bad support, strange tasks distribution

49 vos Not the best edition of VolgaCTF, but come on weight THAT low? :o It was not that bad. Voting high to counteract

1 __hk -2 more for bad support, ( orga sent memes instead of solving issues )

9 Vrlmv no feedback from admins, no answers to questions, in most important moment web is down, so cool

8 deuterium 0xbad

3 __hk more steg than combining pwn and rev ????????????

5 1MiKHalyCH1 No pwn, no rev, no normal crypto. And a lot of ucucuga. Final scorboard is made from stegano solves.

10 kaftejiman son, I am disappoint.

49 n0n3m4 Be64uK MaKcuMaJIbHo XopoIII, c/7acu6o opraM

20 Infin Nice web, but a bit of a guessing

1 kukuxumushi *place your gif here*

1 HenryRozenttag Bad tasks. Too many web challs. Inadequate support from orgs (gifs only).

5 Alberto247 Admins were trolling instead of answering questions like "why is this challenge not working?".Web was nice but everything else was terrible.

10 icemonster Guessy challs. Crypto "carry" could have been good if there was an upper bound on the parameters and they were not bruteforceable.

25 FeDEX I don't think that the lack of challenges in a categ should bring penalties to a CTF rating, however, some steg challs were boring & guessy

1 7ur7l3 Disappointed a lot. This event really dishonored russian CTFs and it's worth apologizing. Guys you have more stego tasks than binary wtf

10 Nspace 1 easy pwn, 1 reverse, 3 crypto and the rest all stego and web...

1 KyberGnida Only one rev and it was absoulute shit. Hated this contest with every fiber of my soul.

1 Agalas Nice stego, awesome ucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucuga!

1 Yuriii only 1 rev ?

14 xAndy lots of web challenges as usual with volgat ctf. lots of new websec stuff to learn and try out.very little pwn and re.

1 1GN1tE ಠ︵ಠ

10 karma9874 maza nai aya

1 alexej.sokolovskiy Almost only web and stego, terrible and very guessy last stego, almost no interesting challanges

15 parrot I just remembered their support, now i'll give 5.

15 deltaclock Web had some interesting stuff, the rest were pretty bad

20 parrot bad ctf, without webs i would give 5

1 fl3x3dd Stego Boys Go Go Brrrr

35 ruisilva I've enjoyed it

1 pomo_mondreganto Spent 12h solving guessing stego

10 ptr-yudai guessy tasks / instable challenge server / only 1 pwn... a basic fsb challenge......

6 circleous -10 for stegguessing, -10 for only one pwn, -10 for only one rev, -10 for unresponsive admin, -4 the guessing web challs

10 rkm0959 how steg > pwn + rev is possible in a CTF I will not know

4 korniltsev no pwn, no rev, too much stega

25 lionaneesh No pwns in initial 6 hours and rev was also web. Too many web :(

10 mr96 Crypto was terrible, basically no binary, guessing stego challs.

1 sqrtrev Stego CTF

8 pedroysb Steguessing.

13 keltecc the least solvable challenge on CTF should not be in the stegano category