Voting ended at: Jan. 24, 2021, 10:30 a.m.

Weight after voting: 18.59 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 Hellsender good overall

12 hofill really guessy

25 0xmohammedhassan good

25 niikhil37 This was a great CTF. I really loved all the challenges.

25 Xx__wiz__xX Excellent CTF but i opened my eyes around 2 hrs later ??

20 mrWh1te nice challs

25 CSN3RD great ctf. lots of challenges with varying difficulties.

1 Shunt :expressionless:

25 DangKhai Nice challenges

25 ags Cool Event

25 Devil@1 Nice Ctf with good challenges

25 chinhnt2k3 Ok

25 wongyos Nice

20 lloydik Nice CTF

25 The_Crazyman good one

25 Blackbeastbb Nice :)

20 crypto_22 The CTF was well organized with challenges varying from easy to hard.

25 Manishm.india Too guessy Challenges. But still great effort team. Better than last CTF.

1 oxnan Very guessy CTF, some nice crypto (to some degree). Would recommend not chaining the challenges so much.. Lowering to one

2 yakuh1t0 A lot of the challenges were very guessy.

1 killerdog Lots of very guessy challenges, plus there are people blatantly manipulating the rating using multiple teams to rate this at 25...

25 foxy-proxy awesome

2 RealJammy very guessy ctf, too short

25 GMKdotUS This was a lot of fun!

25 gh0st-0f-th3-y34r It was my first CTF. And just solved welcome flag. But after seeing writeups, it's amazing CTF for me.

25 gh0st_0f_th3_y34r Best CTF ever.

25 gh0st_0f_th3_y34r Best CTF ever.

16 toor97 Nice Crypto challenges.

25 BitFriends good challenges

25 white_wolf it was good experience as I've created 3 challenges for this ctf.

18 insomn14 nice

25 pr0PM Good one

4 bawstaws Very guessy CTF. Almost no interesting challenges

10 szymex73 Guessy CTF, some of the challenges were pretty decent (mostly crypto and forensics). Had fun nevertheless

25 karma9874 nice

5 oxnan Very guessy CTF, some nice crypto (to some degree). Would recommend not chaining the challenges so much..

25 Hackkery Good CTF

25 HackOlympus nice

25 Akinari Not bad

1 warlock_rootx left slider is stuck at rate 1 and its not working!!

10 dbsqwerty123 slightly guessy

25 cupid@ Good and cool

25 RCP Great and FUN!!

25 RCP Great and FUN but Time wasn't enough ?

25 Itz_me_strikerr superb

25 Hellsender Quantity and Quality of challenges were great

25 zinthet7 Nice CTF

15 pl4nty Good beginner CTF, some chals didn't fit categories or were gimmicky though - lost a chal due to undisclosed flag format

25 RDxR10 Had fun

10 Shunt asdf; Release web writeups xD

20 UVvirus difuicult osint

25 r3yc0n1c cool

25 white_wolf good ctf

14 h4ck1t It was fun. CTF was quite easy, some challenges were strange and some didn't fit into category. RE challenges were really easy