Voting ended at: Feb. 15, 2021, midnight

Weight after voting: 24.82 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 eldstal Quite challenging. The challenges were very imaginative. We will definitely be back next time!

20 iambubbles Interesting challenges!

25 redboot nice

25 oneup_ Great CTF, tasks were challenging but solveable

25 codacker really good ctf

25 ZTl nice

25 ryan-cd Challenging and interesting tasks

25 idan22moral Awesome Web challenges

25 borysp Nice

25 oioki Hard but good

25 korami Good

25 LeG Great CTF, but hard

25 CmdEngineer Really amazing web challenges and a really crazy misc. Thanks so much! See you next year.

25 CmdEngineer Really amazing web challenges and a really crazy misc. Thanks so much! See you next year.

25 fex0r cool ctf, hard and easy stuff present there

25 andreas_ Quite advanced CTF with lots of cool challenges!

25 rkm0959 godly crypto challs, so sad that I couldn't participate

25 MrPeck Very creative challenges, even the ones that looked really simple proved to be really interesting.

25 Drakon singlehandedly destroyed my self esteem

22 hugsy good ctf, difficulty goes from easy to pretty hard, original challenges

25 BitFriends cool

24 FlEx. It was a great CTF I learned from it.

25 Moby gooooooood...

25 ubnix Great CTF!

25 justlikebono pretty good.

25 Grozby Nice!

25 vccolombo Great

25 dwild Quite hard but the challenges were amazing (Dice is you was amazing!)

25 bawstaws Great CTF!

25 v3ntur4X Nice CTF

25 serega6531 Pretty interesting challenges

25 f4lc0n Challenges were really great! Especially pyjail and wasm :D

25 meowmeowxw nice

25 4n0nym4u5 challs were really great... :))

25 lanjelot medium to hard web challs, and nicely made

25 dlabi hard but cool challs

25 vatsalsharma376 very hard ctf couldn't solve anything

25 mystiz I don't know reversing & crypto anymore...

25 Wrth very fun!

25 Nkzlxs good ctf, enjoyed

25 GMKdotUS Great CTF.

25 gripingberry Top notch

25 ldr709 Great challenges! I especially enjoyed the variety of crypto problems.

25 Kahla web tasks were really fun

25 HenryRozenttag Medium+ level, good tasks and infra

25 Kynemo great variety of challenges

25 ducky Awesome CTF with awesome challenges. Fairly difficult, worth more than 25

25 lionaneesh pretty good pwn.

25 voydstack High quality challenges, stable infrastructure, pwn challenges were really hard D:

25 jlsajfj i got nothing done :( really hard yet still fun

24 h4ck7u5 hard chals, stable infra, nice admins :-)

25 0xfedcafe MEGA HARD REVERSE

25 kekburger great ctf, quite a big gap in the difficulty level from the baby to other challs in some categories.

25 _bl4de Very fun and interesting CTF. Even easy challenges weren't trivial. No technical issue. Plus account (no registration required)

15 justlikebono pretty good.

25 rugonaut noice

25 willwam845 well designed challs

25 crit Super stable, and hard challenges

25 _HK nailed it on their first time :O

25 Roellik Hard as hell and sorely lacking a few true newbie tasks, but very well designed and prepared. Expect to learn a lot from reading writeups.

25 ubnix Very nice and challenging CTF

24 Rivit Great!

25 clubby789 Really fun and challenging

24 lightStack Great organization and really cool challenges regarding all difficulties!

25 damjan Incredible quality. Top-notch challenges, infra, support. A++

25 zavinator Hard, but nice :)

25 NikNitro Nice CTF :)

25 shiki7 Great one!

25 Razvi Very good CTF. Definitely felt like a top notch. It should weigh way more than 25, the challenges were really challenging.

25 nobodyisnobody Great CTF, hard challenges..

25 RDxR10 Cool

25 sampriti noice

25 luc1ph3r Very good. Props to the organizers.

25 danilonc Great CTF

25 r3yc0n1c amazing CTF !!!

25 inho good ctf

25 playoff-rondo fun ctf

25 @clnr

25 152334H Great chals

25 qxxxb Super cool

25 Strellic responsive admins, stable infrastructure, nice challs

25 Great challenges

25 naiamepb Great CTF, learned a lot

25 ptr-yudai amazing challenges / stable infra / good support: Awesome CTF!!

25 keltecc i've been mindbreaked

25 Redford Really good CTF! Especially the RE challs, I definitely enjoyed them!