Voting ended at: May 10, 2021, midnight

Weight after voting: 78.35 / 100.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


10 ptr-yudai some tasks were good but mostly rev, too unbalanced (vote to balance)

100 captainGeech great quals, wpwp

1 hualoveshao Nice job, DEFPWN && DEFRE

100 kanak But what if you run the Manchester Dataflow Machine inside the Game of Life?

100 Fish This is a good "pwn/rev" CTF. Most challenges are rock-solid. As a team, we had a lot of fun.

100 GMKdotUS Fun CTF

30 mr96 pls stop tagging random things "crypto"

80 circleous Some tasks are actually nice and not toxic/cancer, but the amount of cancer challs simply overshadowed the nice ones.

100 t_r3x great ctf !

100 nafod fun ctf :)

60 icemonster Generally excelent quality pwns. Should have given replicable envs for exploitfordummies and others. Crypto was so awful...

60 hyperreality Not balanced, should be advertised as an 100% pwn/rev CTF or aim for better challenges in other categories

100 7ur7l3 nice pwn awesome rev

30 r4j Not enough rev :(

100 FeDEX rev/pwn CTF, dope

100 Agalas Very interesting challs

100 trupples fantastic rev challs

81 __hk forgot to say, some fun tasks

81 __hk unnecessary heavy reversy pwns where you miss out the fun pwning part , pls provide source code with heavy reverse pwns :^(

100 awe The challenges I looked at were fair, original and fun. GG OOO

100 parrot No web lol. Challenges that i worked on were quite good.

100 puzzler7 .

100 X3eRo0 :)

95 rbtree -5 for nooombers. Everything else was great!

100 stypr no web? why?

80 vient nice tasks with a sprinkle of unintended solutions

1 dns I can strip binaries too

100 ZetaTwo Great challenges. We had a lot of fun.

1 poortho gink made me do it