Voting ended at: April 14, 2021, 11:59 p.m.

Weight after voting: 64.52 / 69.135

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


69 r3yc0n1c it was fun as always! :D

69 NoktaStrigo Interesting tasks, nearly no guessing.

69 Helix_Ninja Awesome ctf.

69 GolamRabbany cool

69 GolamRabbany cool

69 minn3 nice challenge

60 paulie42 Very good CTF. Interesting challenges of various categories and difficulty. Pleasant user interface, promising concept of shell server.

50 deltaclock The hard challenges were very interesting. Good CTF.

59 pty The challenges were medium to hard. It was nice to have a long run to dive into the challenges

60 Zedd nice ctf

69 SM_SC2 Very funny

40 alb1or1x Outstanding organization. Great CTF for newbies. However, not that hard, as it might be for 60+ pts.

51 xAndy lots of challenges per category and in varying levels of difficulty. lots of challenges but also a lot of time to solve them. love the forma

68 0xDoge Great CTF and the shell server was a nice touch

69 parrot some hard and fun tasks+not guessy challs.I hope for more number of hard challenges as vote goes higher. ( loved pickle and js puzzles )

66 zavinator Zajebisty ctf

69 Adnan_Slef snaky

64 miguelpduarte A lot of pretty hard challenges. Still had some easier ones though. A couple could be adequate for someone's first CTF maybe.

69 pepsipu kmh pyjail super awesomnness!! ti-1337 awesome super good great cool challenge

30 nick0ve Funny ctf, *perfect infrastructure*, but challenges were not that hard to justify a rating of 70.

69 sebastianpc ★ perfect infrastructure

69 sdomi great challs with balanced difficulty, I loved the binexp

30 r4j Amazing tasks, however in terms of difficulty not worth more than 35

60 mcmayhem Difficult and creative challenge, but a long run time to match

69 0xhunter213 best CTF

69 Iuc a bit too long, but very good :-)

69 xjmdoo fun ctf

45 mkg nice challs

69 Shotokhan Very nice challenges, a lot to learn there

69 abhay nice

69 space_cowboy Good spread of difficulties. Excellent infrastructure. The challenges were nicely done, no BS, nothing guessy.

69 mark0smith Nice tasks

69 toasterpwn fun

69 kekburger .

69 SC4R brilliant as always

69 1GN1tE Good one

50 Julle Some problem with the infrastructure, other than that it was great.

60 master245 noice

69 strellic voting for the 69 rating

69 samiko Awesome CTF, perfect infrastructure

69 4n0nym4u5 kmh

69 Gnaoh good ctf

69 qxxxb amazing

69 kosong Nice CTF

69 ptr-yudai most pwn tasks had the source codes distributed :+1: / decent rev tasks / 36h-48h would be nicer ;-)

69 Vynatheya Muy dificil.

69 Casparov Really awesome, loved all the web and crypto challenges

69 layka_ awsome

69 chop0 angr storm

69 dp_1 nice

69 cristian-richie Really nice CTF

69 DangKhai nice ctf

23 chop0 some really cool challs

69 nobodyisnobody_ very good challenges... original.

69 andreas_ fun challenges and reliable infrastructure!

69 Ash2056 Great CTF! Loved having source, it allowed me to learn Web challs. Woulda like to see some good stega tho :)

69 tomek7667 ez would have win 1337

69 bever209 hard

69 stek29 infra was great, challs were nice and interesting, awesome support

69 eiis1000 Awesome CTF!

69 RealJammy perfect infrastructure ?

69 willwam it was okay