Voting ended at: March 1, 2021, noon

Weight after voting: 22.29 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 delvinru nice tasks

25 arkiix Good

25 arkiix Good

25 Moby Nice

25 NightNasho good ctf

25 pseudo_eva ^_^

25 deNableD good CTF

25 bever209 great ctf, especially a good first

25 alf Nice challenges

25 TR1CKS73R i liked this one

25 TR1CKS73R enjoyed this one

25 bever209 very good for a first ctf

25 Xploit fun challenge

25 LeG nice CTF, lot of challenges from very easy to hard

23 hamz0 Good CTF!

25 outOfCheese It was a nice one

25 tibotix .

25 hunter_213 not bad

21 tacbliw Good ctf

22 klarz good combination of challenges, something for everyone

25 SC4R nice CTF, had a good range of difficulty in challenges

25 jdesalle Fun CTF, with good infra and challenge of pretty much all levels!

23 oxnan Nice CTF overall, liked the amount of challenges given the easy-ish difficulty. Some were a bit guessy, but nicely done

25 c3p0xrt fun

25 master245 good

25 iceclue Nice CTF

25 l3v1ath4n Challenges are nice but some need lot guess

25 erikkabir hard

23 Vergil Good challenges for the most part. Didn't enjoy the number of challs which just required brute-trying 100 different ways to decode data.

25 RCP FUN challenges and HAPPY learning

20 TheEmperors Nice CTF with nice infrastructure and tasks overall, I'd like to see more flexibility about hints next time, Good work

25 v3ntur4X Nice CTF!

22 Ionniz Good for start ctf

19 Ionniz Not very complex

25 inho28 nice ctf!

25 redboot kinda guessy but nice

20 ubnix Reversing challenges were not that great or diverse

24 Tejmal This was a great event. Challenges ranged from extremely basic to high/advanced and the time availability, staff responsiveness were awesome

25 NightNasho Enjoyed and learned a lot

25 stankc Had fun!

22 guitared good job

25 0xevi1 Nice challs

21 thomasgranbohm Nice variety of challs. Overall, fun CTF!

18 xoreaxus Lots of challs with a good amount of variety. Would have like to see some shell escapes, but overall had fun

25 _M@vErick_ Nice attempt considering their first ctf

25 Mugiw4r4 very good CTF :D

21 fariss Great CTF overall, though almost all of RE is Unity.

25 Smerdis nice ctf

15 privateshorty Good start for a ctf, some nice challenges, view guessing involved, once but solid overall.

25 1ns3ct great ctf

20 _bl4de Not bad, a lot of challenges in many categories. Good for beginners

20 WhoAmBy Didn't like the random part or servers not responding

25 lolt3under it was a fun and interesting CTF

25 aswwwanth Interesting challanges

20 x3rz it was fun

24 RCP Had FUN and learned a lot

25 avl fun, a few guessy chals though

20 ErbaZZ Nice challenges, some are guessy tho

25 Great CTF, lots of different challenges

19 jagotu solid challs, a low percentage of guessing, but lack of dynamic scoring

25 dimasiki Some tasks have a strange solution. But in overall, it was nice.

25 Bib Very nice CTF. Lots of different challenges. Thank you!

12 msaw328 i think weight should be lower because of no dynamic scoring, other than that it was a cool ctf with tasks varying in difficulty

25 redboot very educational, but a lot of guessing

17 varandinawer A bit longer than usual, and lot o f challenges.

25 lucky624 was really cool

25 00xc Good variety of difficulty levels overall. Mostly interesting challenges, but a few guessy ones.

10 willwam845 some challs were good, but others were rather guessy

25 blue_spiker Great CTF!

23 chinhnt2k3 Too many challs, some guessy, trolly and waste of time

25 Kaimi Interesting pwns

6 nikiborg It is nice CTF for beginners!

23 pty from easy to difficult it was very balanced. Very nice, well done

25 DangKhai nice challz

25 kanyewest great tasks

25 delvinru great tasks

18 bongtrop too many guessy chals.

24 3xLidBiouA Great variety, covered a wide enough range of skill. Some of the challenges were guessy.

12 xseris Ctf balanced, but easy in general

25 deronaze nice ctf

25 hunter_213 good , recommended for beginners

25 iambubbles Had a lot of fun!

25 Abraxus Amazing CTF, great challenges

11 mystiz A considerable amount of the challenges are guessy. Some are good tho.

25 vibe30 Challenge were good.

25 TheZakMan This was a great start, waiting for the next ones. I had a lot of fun!

19 MOR14R7Y Challenges were fun.many were easy , many were tricky and some were hard. Really enjoyed the ctf and will look forward for more

25 Ducky Really cool and fun ctf. Lots of different challenge categories with varying difficulties.

25 sl0ck Great

25 master245 grt ctf

25 MuMu Really nice CTF as they first time to held a CTF. Learned lots of things

19 wongyos Good

22 zup Great mix of categories here! Loved most of the challenges

25 lamium Nice challs!

25 b3n4kh Awesome CTF, whole team loved it

25 DGG Very Hard

25 Shotokhan Great CTF, a lot of interesting challenges

24 Wrth some challenges valued way too high, should've used dynamic scoring, some are also guessy, other than that this ctf is amazing

25 tibotix Pwns were tricky

24 luck4o Nice CTF! Some challs were simple, others were REALLY HARD! That's it

20 dirty_vish too many stego challs, web was a little basic, pwn/rev challenges were nice

24 CheeseC4k3 good balance, a lot of tricky and hard challenges

20 puzzler7 Pretty good intro ctf, some infra issues, some guessy challs

12 lyellread A fair CTF with many introductory challenges, however many of these were guessy.

25 lionaneesh Some pwns were great and really tricky.

25 dayt0n really cool ctf, had a good mix of challenge categories. difficulty varied, which was great for both beginners and seasoned players.

25 firesale CTF with challenges of varied difficulty. Really nice one. Hope to see them in the next year!

25 jlsajfj fun but really hard

25 Nexov Nice ctf :)

20 An0n3m0us Great CTF overall; challenge difficulty was evenly balanced.

25 Moby Nice ctf

25 vccolombo Really liked the crypto challs

20 aiviag-host Overall pretty cool challenges and stable infrastructure. A more structured discord channel would've been nice.

25 heartrender Nice event

25 vitmalkin Very nice event, very interesting tasks

25 dande Super interesting tasks, noice

12 captainGeech Web challenges were very underwhelming, a lot of guessy chals. Relatively stable infra