Voting ended at: June 13, 2021, 10:30 a.m.

Weight after voting: 31.98 / 32.775

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


32 Vaneshik Nice CTF, good challenges

32 bever209 harder than expected

32 1GN1tE Nice Rev challs.

32 tacbliw Good ctf :D

32 Noxy_proxy h

32 MtSaka great

32 Mr.R00T Nice CTF

32 37hG3rm4n Nice CTF!

32 parrot Nice pwns, ok webs.

32 willsroot pwnables were fun and interesting

30 clubby789 Pretty enjoyable, had a lot of fun

32 mk7120 nice event

32 NitroFTLS Beast CTF

32 Quintec Interesting challs with nice concepts

32 hongwei123 Challenging!

32 xbowery nice ctf

32 xbowery nice ctf

32 gdpr.1657638594.53bf4a8e9701b8 *web okay now ? :rofl:

30 gdpr.1657638594.53bf4a8e9701b8 nice we challs

32 whoami730 Awesome challenges, no guessy stuff!

32 tourpran_1337 noice ctf !!

32 warlock_rootx Nices challenge and web chall needed more work( Original Store & Original Store v2 ) both have unintended solution.

32 c0d3_br3ak3r nice ctf

32 tensor Fun ctf but not for beginners

32 deltaclock had some great challs, mostly stable infra, web challs needed more work, but enjoyable ctf overall.

32 mystiz Won $100 DO credits by first blood the survey challenge (JK). Definitely willing to rate 32 for this.

32 ptr-yudai pwn tasks were great / stable server / good support on discord / immediate writeup disclosure

32 willwam845 challs were generally quite good, definitely enjoyed

32 hyperreality Big improvement on v1 last year, fun challenges and fairly reliable infra.