Voting ended at: April 25, 2021, 9 p.m.

Weight after voting: 35.89 / 36.030

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


35 circleous was nice

25 danial.banjamin008 Some are challenges are great and some are guessy. No stego/guessy challenges pls

36 anon9302 nice

36 ZeroDayTea A few guessy challs which I did not enjoy but most were amazing and I really learned a lot + enjoyed the amazing PWK raffle

36 skyeto Some challs guessy / semi-broken, hint for -500p was iffy, otherwise great!

36 Munto Very varied with a lot of challenges. Really fun to play in team!

36 WhatTheMahad nicre

36 nicdumz good fun!

36 emilylo1381 Really fun and interesting challenges, love the OSINT the most!! was able to learn a lot from this CTF

36 max397574 Rally good CTF. A lot of interesting Challenges.

36 max397574 Rally good CTF. A lot of interesting Challenges.

36 Byambadalai creative challenges

34 mk7120 good event with many tasks

36 Vaints ^ -^)b

36 wongyos Very good CTF

36 Reiku Lots of challenges. Very good introduction to CTFs for beginner to intermediate.

36 CF12 Awesome CTF, had lots of fun competing

36 tonitruantT Nice CTF with many various challenges

36 BlackWarriorXTN tasks are easy tho its good overall

36 isautodata Awesome variety and amount of challenges!

36 BaadMaro Nice CTF with many challenges

36 ChapeauR0uge many various challenges, good CTF

36 delvinru nice ctf

36 bever209 nice but a bit guessy

36 quend Loved the competition

36 ZetaTwo Nice CTF