Voting ended at: April 30, 2021, 6 p.m.

Weight after voting: 23.19 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 tihawk awesome huge event, with lots of challenges varying in difficulty. surprisingly, no infrastructure problems, what with so many peeps

25 nicdumz excellent

20 st4ckh0und Very good CTF for beginners - The web by makelaris and the crypto by CryptoHack was AMAZING and completed the experience!

24 skyeto With this many teams I'm surprised that the infra worked at all, so great job on that. Good challs

23 koks high quality and fun challenges

17 josephsurin great challenges for beginners as intended, not so great organisation / infra / challenge release schedule

25 lanthan Nice challenges! Beginners and intermediaries alike had a lot of fun!

25 hunter_213

23 samiko Very high quality challenges, but suffered from infrastructure problems and sometimes flags would be "broken" or misleadingly incomplete

25 Neptunian Awesome challenges!!

25 nicdumz GG

25 m4ttm00ny really cool event, loved the challenges

25 z3r0_b1t GG

25 hamz0 .

25 Amendil Huge event, lots of fun challenges with great difficulty overall

13 ptr-yudai not bad quality / infra was okay for me / scoreboard was not user-friendly / categories unbalanced / too easy pwn tasks

20 Amdj3dax1 I liked the challenges, just the platform was down for some time at first!

25 Ducky Great CTF. Challenges were interesting and felt fairly practical while still being beginner friendly. Particularly enjoyed forensics and web

25 AlexZander Good.

25 Maryary It was a nice ctf with awesome challenges :)

25 wizard_alfredo The best ctf I have ever played

25 Deznom Amazing challenges

25 R1ad nice ctf

25 ambrotd Very fun ctf

22 Matgro well done challenges, minimal or no guessing at all. Main problems: challenge with wrong flag for hours, bad support on discord

24 maple3142 Although there are some infrastructure problems at the start, web and crypto challenges are good imo.

25 voidPtr nice ctf, with increasing difficulties

20 1m1m Very well organized contest. The only problems were at the start. Can't wait for write-ups )

25 sorvast Great challenges with minimal guessing

25 ishtar Fun CTF

25 Hetnel Fun and creative challenges, a few infrastructure issues but nothing too bad

25 f10r3 nice ctf!

25 kalex Very creative challenges, learnt a lot. Just a few were kinda guessy, but that's fine.

20 willwam845 challenges were generally good (esp. crypto), but infra + organization were not as good

25 Splinter0 Amazing CTF with great challenges and a nice theme

25 max397574 Nice

25 CuBocan Good quality CTF! Very interesting and approachable tasks! semi-beginner friendly

25 Razvi Even though there were some initial problems, it was an overall good CTF.

24 rkm0959 plz fix infra and challenge release schedule + good crypto

25 Th0m4sK great

25 0xDoge Great schedules and relatively good infra for the amount of people

5 r4j 25 for amazing crypto tasks by cryptohack. -20 for "perfect" infrastructure.

24 z3r0_b1t GG

25 mystiz Putting that release schedule aside, it is still pretty fun.

25 sampriti Great CTF for beginners, amazing crypto challs thanks to CryptoHack, nice web challenges too. Some issue with rules and challenge releases.

25 Hexacane Good chals

25 Scoder12 Nice CTF

18 sqrtrev

25 IamSp3ctr3 Nice themed CTF!

25 xjmdoo nice ctf

23 zup Enjoyed the challenges even though Im not a fan of crypto. Release schedule was a little unfair

22 romain325 Really fun, a lot to do

25 Jakub259 Awesome ctf

25 TomasBombadil Tone of nice challenges, nice background story. Good beginner tasks

25 ZeroDayTea Amazing challenges... I really learned a lot!!

20 VaiTon Great infrastructure, awesome UX, good challenges and great support although some initial problems.

25 rudra.desai200 A really nice CTF for beginners. Got to learn pretty good in the CTF.

16 willsroot Nice crypto and web, too much hardware and forensics. Ways to improve: no releases after teams max, clearer schedule, and better infra.

15 st4ckh0und Insufferable problems with infrastructure, but CryptoHack delivered fantastic crypto challenges so that weighs up!

25 Vaints GREAT CTF Wohohoho & I love sego

25 Unactive When it worked, infra was nice. Many challenges of varying difficulty for most categories but not all of them.

25 bubachan fun and and responsive.

20 itasahobby Great ctf, learnt a lot

18 clubby789 Pretty fun and challenging. Some infra problems but very responsive support. Release scheduling was a little unfair.

25 abda infra could be better. Add more pwn and rev challenges and less hardware. But still going to give max points.

25 ArkAngels nice event

20 seal9055 Good challenges, lots of infra problems though

23 pt_drTee Interesting interface and global story line