Voting ended at: Oct. 3, 2021, 9 a.m.

Weight after voting: 31.90 / 36.660

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


36 k0wa1ski Good range of challenges, excellent support and infra. Also have official writeups for all challenges, and an overall positive community.

36 dancing.pickle Great fun

36 leonuz great challenge, excelent support

35 aiviag-host Great challenges overall and really great official writeups to all challenges!

30 inho28 nice ctf

15 arthurxunaid69 Pretty Good

36 TheSavageTeddy very fun and enjoyable ctf! organisers were very nice

36 kartibok Great CTF - Really enjoyed it.

20 Amdj3dax1 pretty good challs, helpful writeups as well.

36 riyadbinislam0 nice ctf

36 riyadbinislam0 awesome ctf

20 Ark some challs are good, but with guessy and broken web tasks

36 4n86rakam1 good

33 aumajoris Great CTF with a good balance of hard stuff to make it competitive at the top end of of the scoreboard

36 z3r0_b1t Good CTF

36 fariss Great challenges. Loved cloud and floormat chall

36 zM_ Very interesting challenges, not a single technical issue, awesome experience !

30 warlock_rootx infra is good, crypto chall is nice. forensic not bad oki. `joseph fan club `

27 bever209 good

36 blackmind17 no idea

36 Iuc One of my favorites ;-)

36 RaaCT0R Good Infra and challenges, but there was leap in category challenges difficulty (like crypto!). Deserve 36.

36 N34R gg

26 Shadowwws nice crypto

30 Xornet +36 (+alpha): joseph's challenges, -6: Releasing hints for the challenges that someone has already solved (for example, OTWhat I)

25 willwam845 good crypto generally (thanks joseph!) but several challenges didn't have source (web/crypto/misc), making them quite guessy

36 cod201 good

20 ptr-yudai stable infra / good support / joseph fan club / please provide source code at least for web and crypto

20 vrls a lot of guessing and challenge descriptions were not adequate for the intended solutions... overall fun and didactic ctf

36 Red4sF great

33 ToraNova gg

36 Mr_NG2G Great!

36 CyberCitizen01 Cool CTF

36 nosurf Best CTF ever

15 clubby789 Some interesting challenges but with a lot of guess

36 aenniw noice

36 0xSAZZAD :D

36 Rookie441

28 Zaua Half of crypto challenges was strange, good Osint and funny rev

36 cieran great infra, great challs gg admins

36 TheFF9 Didn’t like the proof with pow but good ctf

36 HatGuy noice

36 Dr.DONN4 Good ctf.Good management

36 JesusCries good

36 LeG Nice CTF with well created challenges

36 _Ph03N1X_ nice challenges

36 Bankde Good challenges

36 bongtrop Awesome challenges

36 guitared cool

36 KFSPC8 Very well-organised CTF with good admin supports

36 leaK.u Do the loop doo doo

36 max397574 Cool challenges

36 MOR14R7Y had fun weeked playing it. interesting and new challenges , OSINT's were fun and pwn too.

36 LachlanS7 A fun CTF with a very catchy train song! Some challenges were a little guessy, but really fun overall

36 psycholog1st Hard web challs but really interesting. Nice infra, admins with good and frequently supports