Voting ends at: Sept. 19, 2021, 8 p.m.

Current weight: 23.44 / 25.0

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.

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25 Th0m4sK great

25 R1ad gg

25 2kofawsome Good

25 2kofawsome Good

25 th3f0x definitely deserves 25, but could have had a better progression of challenges: challenges were either too easy or too hard

25 tsubasa nice

25 meetcshah19 .

25 sp00fexpl01t a good ctf for all

25 ndrewh some guessy some good challenges

25 DMaxter Very good challenges. Fun CTF

25 GZLI That was Fun! awesome CTF

25 Amdj3dax1 great challenges.

25 idekJT amazing

25 zeyu2001 Great CTF

20 ZhaoQi99 Too hard

25 TheOddCoder It was beginner friendly!!

25 theinen i didn't love most of the web challs (no source, rather guessy) but overall I had fun

25 Ducky Good

25 meyira .

25 Th0m4sK nice

21 K1RPI7CH Some tasks were stolen from another CTFs, some of them were like based on guessing the author's logic.

25 TacticalCream Good CTF all around, but some of the web challenges where too guessy.

25 izufic gg

25 gambith Enjoyable, a little bit hard, deserves a 25.

25 hatieudao85 good

24 BZHugs Nice ctf, just some infra lag and hints disclosed even chall was already solved.

25 TryKatChup Best CTF ever

25 amnesy :P

25 Vaints ^ -^)b

22 KFSPC8 Some fun challenges but infra was lag

25 Dacat rev too hard :P obviously great CTF overall.

25 Mr_NG2G Great ctf!

25 kais4tec3 We need more CTF like this one

25 Necron3574 Great ctf

23 apoirrier Good one, but there wasn't a lot of intermediate challenges, only beginners and harder ones

22 apoirrier Good one, but there wasn't a lot of intermediate challenges, only beginners and harder ones

25 ChilledSodium nice beginner friendly challenges, rev was a bit hard

25 riyadbinislam0 nice ctf

25 riyadbinislam0 excellent ctf

25 z3r0_b1t GG

25 MorphTail nice

20 qq96932100 gg~

25 TomasBombadil Great CTF, with beginner friendly tasks, yet still interesting.

25 et3rnos Good web challs

25 space_cowboy Ctfd was a bit laggy but challenges were interesting. Looking forward to the next year!

25 jains8844 GG overall.

25 r3yc0n1c stable infra && quick admin response && enjoyed the tasks

25 sorvast Difficult problems

22 ohCoz Infra had problems consistently for the first half. Scoring was weird but fixed halfway. Better balance between easy and hard challenges.

25 Fawl Cool stuff

25 dancing.pickle Good mix. I'll never forget rand()

25 qxxxb Some good challenges but also a lot of guessy/tedious ones

25 neji Nice

18 gpsy good mix, stable infra. team wrote many writeups

25 Angmar Learned alot from the crypto challenges!

10 ptr-yudai guess the code / infra was stable / big gap between good and bad tasks

25 abda Nice

21 n4sm Cool but not insane

25 Rackham web was guessy but pwn and crypto were interesting

25 alexanderanchishkin Nice crypto, good web I'm disagree about only guessing. Infra was fine!

20 deltaclock kinda guessy web. Infra was mostly ok. It was not too bad overall.

15 willsroot krypto and word games were great challs. A few of the others were just guessing or had artificially inflated difficulty because of layers.

25 Sup3r_B3ttl3_G4m3r Why's it only out of 25?

25 WhiteHoodHacker gg

25 zavinator Good!

20 root2thrill cool CTF, good range of difficulty. website was a bit unstable at times.

25 R1ad GG

20 Cli-ish A bit too guessy for my taste :/

25 face0xff overall fun

25 phlox

25 RJCyber Very fun!

25 RJCyber Very cool ctf! Loved it!

10 ehhthing 4/5 web challenges didn't have source code and many were incredibly guessy. Infra was okay.

25 FeDEX

25 mahaloz fun and fresh