Voting ended at: May 2, 2021, 11 p.m.

Weight after voting: 24.91 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 bever209 nice

25 Giovanni Giordano good ctf

25 redin0s fun challenges

25 redin0s fun challenges, improved since last year

25 ZeroDayTea Good for beginners and some interesting harder challenges as well!

25 cristian-richie nice ctf

25 dm.. it was fun

25 martimpostor GG

25 satranfah001 Good CTF and Fun

25 novafacing Really good CTF, lots of fun and unique challenges. More beginner oriented but more than deserving of higher weight.

15 Giovanni Giordano good CTF, but some particular of some challenge in my opinion must be tell before che start of the ctf

21 MikeCoder96 Good CTF, see ya next time

25 dimasiki It was great event

25 stuxn3t Beginner level challenges. Orgs were available and no infra issues. Easy 25.

25 b3y0nd3r good for beginners

25 matt_grol GG

25 arjunlalith Great CTF!

25 _ph03n1x GG

25 quend fun chals, real improvement from last year

25 z3r0_b1t GG

25 R1ad cool ctf

25 hunter_213

25 7h3_g0d nice!

25 Byambadalai noice

25 Amdj3dax1 GG

25 skyeto Liked it, a few creative challs, weird design but buttery smooth infra

25 flib Nice variety of tasks

24 0xDoge Great CTF, although not a beginner one imo

25 p4w nice event

25 Shunt niceu CTFu XD

25 j3r3mias Really enjoyable CTF. Interesting and good challenges for all, smooth infra, and very responsible and fun admins.

25 circleous should be 30-ish. good infra even with ultra restricted network and most importantly good challs.

25 Neptunian Excellent Challenges! Very Smart ans Creative

25 LaidMalik Some great quality challenges, some hard interesting challenges compared to last year's edition!

25 captainGeech Good chals, stable infra, responsive admins.

25 ZetaTwo Really great CTF. Several very interesting problems, friendly orgs, infra worked well. _EASY_ 25+