Voting ended at: April 8, 2021, 6:30 p.m.

Weight after voting: 21.39 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 iambubbles nice challenges

22 deomkicer ok

13 JaGoTu average ctf. mostly alright but web were loadbalanced which made them undeterministic, one pwn provided wrong libc, guessy stego/foren/osint

25 n1ghtmar3 It was good

25 Jujutsu_Kaisen It was good in specially OSINT was really appreciable .

1 careless_finch Few challenges were ok,others were bad.The weight should be in range 12-15.Teams are over rating for points.Rating 1 to counter other rating

25 aswwwanth Nice challenges

25 lionaneesh decent

25 lucky624 zajebitsy ctf

25 SC4R nice ctf

25 hexkn1ght good

1 Lip4ik Only guessing tasks

1 paulll Guessing. Tasks which requires me to guess unknown stego tools with zero stars on github

13 1Legacy It was challenging

20 Polymero Conceptually simple, although a lot of guessy challs which sometimes required very obscure tools

25 -Bin very guessing

25 n1ghtmar3 It was fun

16 0xYa5h chals was good

25 wizard_alfredo Really fun ctf!!

25 arkiix nice

25 pseudo_eva g00d

24 lebr0nli Nice CTF, but more hint for flag location will be great

20 godmodon3.14 Great CTF

22 iambubbles nice ctf

22 tejsi nice

25 wongyos Good

25 HardikJain Good CTF and had some good challenges

25 DHT good ctf

23 _Ph03N1X_ Good CTF

25 1x0x2 Gg

23 exzettabyte Good

20 MrEn1gma more techniques in rev pls.

25 justlikebono Good

25 Gnaoh good ctf

25 Yud good ctf

25 firesale Nice revs

25 frevadiscor Really nice OSINT challenges