Voting ended at: July 19, 2021, 7 p.m.

Weight after voting: 47.70 / 48.915

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


48 NitroFTLS nice

48 152334H Good shit

48 altareen Challenging CTF!

48 psycholog1st Web challs are really good. Great ctf

45 dm.. ain't perfect but pretty good overall

47 Ash2056 Great CTF, great infra, Liked the beginner focused chalenges. Many of the crypto were good too, except Quaternion Revenge.

48 merlin777k Great CTF ! for all ages and skill level. A very team effort CTF (no individual score comparison). Thanks !

48 BaadMaro Great CTF, dynamic score not that accurate, no forensics/stego/osint , hope to have them next year Ty GL

48 Chessmaster Awesome CTF which is very beginner friendly. Was a lot of fun, thank you very much!

41 0xmmalik Great ctf, not a huge fan of the infra

48 fr334aks Awesome challenges and great and stable infra ....

48 Ark nice!

48 j3r3mias A lot of nice and fun challenges..

48 0xSAZZAD great CTF

48 lebr0nli Great CTF!!!

48 ptr-yudai enjoyed everything except for gelcode and wtjs!

48 fm4dd I loved the variety. Even though I didn't get some of it. :-)

48 ret2basic Best beginner-intermediate CTF in the world

48 Fayred lot of hard challenges

48 Maher Very good pwn challenges

48 Noxy_proxy good time

47 ohCoz really liked the find and replace substitution misc challenge. Well organized, good support.

48 ZeroDayTea Incredible challenges, solid infrastructure, and great responsiveness on part of the organizers. I learned a lot especially from the web!!

48 parrot

48 qxxxb Nice challenges and infra

48 Shadowwws Nice

48 cieran great ctf, strong infrastructure. challenges were either very easy or hard with little in between but definitely will take part next year!

48 bever209 good

48 Strellic nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

48 AC01010 Great CTF, high quality challenges. Excited for next year

47 eiis1000 Awesome CTF; crypto wasn't great but super creative misc/rev

48 DefyGG Nice challenges in general

47 willwam845 good ctf. challenges were good and infra was stable but annabel-lee :lemonthink:

45 Quintec very excellent except annabel lee, first fun misc (substitution) in a while

46 clubby789 Great CTF, lots of fun, annabelle-lee sucked though

48 willsroot Good CTF. Had a lot of fun with the sbx tasks!

48 hunter_213

48 alilredapple if only I had more brain cells :((

48 ndrewh great challenges

48 Angmar Great CTF and infrasturcure, only sad part was the quaternion-revenge crypto challenge

48 sqrtrev Nice challenges with web