Voting ended at: Aug. 16, 2021, 5 p.m.

Weight after voting: 24.70 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 nosurf Great

25 pureGavin good ctf, i can check writeup after the CTF, that can make me learn something

25 th13ntc nice

25 r888800009 good pwn

25 Limerence Nice web challenges with the network segregation

25 Creator cool ctf

25 Ash2056 Interesting web

25 Cli-ish Was fun, but nerve-racking with the server downtimes

25 Noxy_proxy i like

25 niktay pwn was fun

25 y0ung_dst .

25 almond nice ctf !

25 OofNoicety Interesting crypto

25 xbowery nice ctf!

25 peach interesting reverse

25 th13ntc nice ctf

25 mrlegohead very good ctf

25 therokdaba fun ctf with interesting challenges

25 OreoMonster good

25 Th0m4sK nice

24 InersIn gg

24 icssword good ctf

24 ptr-yudai well-designed challs / stable server / good support on Discord / 72h is too long (36h or 48h is enough)

25 chuj really interesting pwnable challenge. however, difficulty should be increased

20 152334H challenges with unintended solutions galore

25 ogianatiempo Nice and fun challenges in every category. No guessing required.

25 Maher Good pwnables, increasing difficulty

20 hackerbecker nice ctf

25 drdoctor Wonderful CTF especially the Crypto

25 eldstal It's a good beginner-intermediate level CTF. Pretty varied challenges, though the server infrastructure was a bit shaky.

25 ThePr0gramm3r This was some heavy stuff

25 reteps Good challs, solid infra.

24 layka_ I enjoyed cryptoooooo

25 johnnovikov0 Good

25 Fayred Not Easy

25 CodeTiger927 Nice web and crypto :D

23 s-3ntinel a lot of live chall patches (web) that were kind of annoying

25 Noxy_proxy i like :)

25 craftbyte Good CTF

25 das. great mods, great challs, really awesome infra :)

25 xnomas learned a lot, great selection

25 u1f383 good ctf ! good pwn !

25 MOR14R7Y perfect ctf. awesome crew. more misc/forensics would be appreciated haha but overall great

25 Eth007 cool ctf, nice pwn

25 GrasDouble good crypto, forget RsaCTFTool ;)

25 josephsurin fun and creative challs, friendly and helpful admins, high quality ctf

25 taidh good web

25 TheFF9 Incredible even though hard for beginners I got to learn a ton! Staff support was off the charts ! Special thank you to William from crypto!

25 0xd4rk great challs

25 keltecc good crypto