Voting ended at: May 23, 2021, 9:59 p.m.

Weight after voting: 24.11 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 iman4000 good one

25 Kaiser784 it was a nice experience I'm a beginner and learnt a lot

25 junron Good ctf

25 Hamad Good one

25 Mr.R00T Good CTF

25 W1C3 Good

25 tacbliw Nice

25 K_zzanuda Nice CTF for students

25 Flex_Nitro good one

25 TheZakMan Like Bubbles used to say: - Decent!

22 BitFriends too easy pwn and the first 3 rev challenges were a joke

25 satranfah001 good

25 LeG it was a nice CTF

25 MtSaka great

24 SoloLeveller Loved it

25 luck4o A good CTF. Nice infra, btw

25 H-mmer Awesome CTF all in all

25 Shunt ^^

25 CEO_of_Beans Lol

25 IceWreck nice

25 TheFuturist Nice CTF, really enjoyed it

25 ud1nsan nice ctf

25 teozoia Nice CTF

25 toothl3ss Awesome

25 mrlegohead Great CTF

24 17520948 Awesome CTF

25 elliotM87 It was a good challenge with variety of event to fight for.

24 MidnightRumble Great CTF!

22 dlabi pwns was rather simple but overall nice ctf

25 galoget Awesome CTF, good diversity of challenges and difficulty, very entertaining, some challenges were unique, look forward for next year CTF.

25 firesale Few challenges were very unique

25 0x6368 Nice challenges

25 SalmanAleisa Well designed challenges for the most part

15 hashmush Instead of changing scores and adding hints to match the intended difficulty, use dynamic scoring. Some pretty nice challs though!

25 Mickov20 Nice CTF

25 husK Decent CTF

23 zavinator Good CTF, beginner friendly, some not original/guess challs

25 nicdumz good

25 wulfgarpro Good CTF.

25 p4nt0m4th nice ctf

25 p4nt0m4th Great CTF

25 MtSaka nice

25 devploit Interesting CTF

25 Th0m4sK great

25 GolamRabbany good

25 zeroday504 Great event

24 IceWreck awesome game

25 nks1ck mi ebali vawa mama

25 loginlogin1 Very fun tasks

24 tacbliw Some challs are guessing but the ctf is ok in general

25 CEO_of_Beans A good ctf!

25 Flex_Nitro Good one

25 MOR14R7Y Totally awesome challenges and author! Loved it


25 TheZakMan Besides the few guessy challs, most were super fun, thanks!

25 warlock_rootx some chall are good

25 ethnetsky Very nice CTF, congrats!

10 ejinu2011 For beginners (It's me)

25 xbowery Great start for a CTF, looking forward to the next iteration!

25 Unknown_Matt Nice one

24 Amdj3dax1 gg

25 fm4dd Enjoyed it! Great debut, DragonSec team! Nice variety and good difficulty. Thank You!

25 SpiderPigXL all round interesting challenges but i felt that some challenges were guessy and some of the challenges were not categorized incorrectly

25 JoeyJoJoe Great fun, nice challenges. A lot of variety and some I've never seen before

25 isautodata Great event due to great variety! Thanks!

25 wongyos Good

25 krys4k Really interesting ctf!

25 z3ro Had Fun

25 gdpr.1622197517.cd85c3b01839c6 nice ctf

25 M4RC02U1F4A4 nice one

25 Ducky Really cool CTF and fun challenges.

25 Vaints ^ -^)b

25 Vaints ^ -^)b

25 florian0 Compared to other CTFs I participated this year, this one was quite challenging. Others were rated 24 to 34, I think 25 is fair.

25 0xDoge Great CTF, level of difficulty was great too

25 cieran Great CTF, wide variety of challs and level of difficulty

25 dayt0n had a great time playing this one! the pwn and web challenges were very fun

25 Bueddl Fun challenges with widespread difficulty. Was a lot of fun!

22 dobob It was fun!

25 skyeto Fun! Bit iffy adding hints and changing points during the CTF on solved challs, dynamic scoring would be better, but great for a first one

25 fr334aks Awesome CTF ..kept us glued to our screens till the end ...

25 zup Cool challs! They added a survey for 50 points as last chall after teams had maxed, but quickly changed it to 0 points. So that was alright.

1 Isopach Adding hints to solved challs and changing points for challs during ctf