Voting ended at: June 14, 2021, 6:30 a.m.

Weight after voting: 23.76 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 wongyos Good

25 Eth007 cool ctf

25 The_Crazyman a really good one

25 mcmayhem Fun an interesting

25 clauncher cool

25 zeyu2001 Good CTF

25 ZxM Noice!

20 Covidos19 Very nice CTF, OSINT/Puzzle tasks required a little bit too much guessing though

25 caveeroo very nice ctf

25 DiegoAltF4 Great CTF

20 Rakabidasta It was an interesting CTF, I liked it. I'll wait for the next one. Thank you all for a good game :)

25 czujsnn Although sometimes basic, was engaging enough to keep us planted in our chairs in front of computers to do all of the task.

25 Cynthia Very fun and interesting challenges

25 GaganChandan Great CTF

20 marufmurtuza Very Beginner Friendly

24 kiddah could solve a couple of basic ones, ty for the beginner ctf

25 0xsakthi Good ctf

25 GaganChandan Great CTF. Both challenging and entertaining

25 Mr.R00T !

25 firesale Good CTF for beginners

25 isautodata Good beginner/intermediate CTF

25 cieran Really great CTF, lots of fun challenges and the infrastructure was perfect.

25 Eth007 Cool beginner ctf

25 Mr.R00T Nice CTF

24 qualorm Perfect CTF for beginners, although OSINT was a little bit too hard.

23 icssword Good CTF in generally for CTFers but some challenges were quite guessy. 48 Hours is too much for this CTF. Maybe 35 Hours would be better.

24 paulie42 Good CTF for beginners, but some challenges were quite guessy.

24 Iuc Very good CTF for beginners, cutting one point for anagram guessy puzzle.

20 ponch_o Good beginner ctf, couple challs were a bit guessy but overall solid.

24 hexp Very nice beginner friendly CTF, OSINT/Puzzle tasks required a little bit too much guessing though, organizers were very friendly

21 0xD20 We are Racoons

25 stankc Nice beginner friendly ctf!

25 arkiix Good

25 ElliotM87 A good ctf with multiple challenges

20 chuj a good CTF for beginner

25 37hG3rm4n Great CTF for beginner, congrats!!!

25 NitroFTLS good one

25 erikkabir new and intersting challenges

25 clauncher cool

25 raka.kuswanto fun, beginner friendly

25 TheMythologist Fun

25 galoget Nice CTF, Interesting challenges.

25 psycholog1st nice

18 NPC Nice. Interesting stegano

25 _Ph03N1X_ Beginner CTF, nice challenges

25 victim1307 good

25 MOR14R7Y Interesting challenges , beginners intermediate friendly. Keep it up

25 Hamad Great CTF

25 yuyu индусы мутят крутят

25 [deleted user] ТОП ЦТФ ДЛЯ ТОП ПАЧАНОВ