Voting ended at: Aug. 30, 2021, midnight

Weight after voting: 24.92 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 omakmoh Great CTF :]

25 gdpr.1695954879.f6b843c2adfd4b great

25 Masquerade Good

24 hydros-cpt Good challenges, markov was fun

25 Nitros__ Good

25 Jucci lots of fun. great crypto

25 wizard_alfredo amazing crypto, had a lot of fun and learned a lot of new tricks

25 theinen great challs! pwn was too hard for my small brain but i had a good time.

25 i-dont-exist-irl nice CTF, enjoyed the reversing challenges

25 Hellsender nice

25 H-mmer Overall very good ctf, infra was stable for what i know and challenges we tough but fun

25 sbs good

25 zeosutt great

25 sergio This was a really good CTF. Giving the libcs' and dockers for PWN challenges to enable local debugging was amazing!

24 MrSuicideParrot Rust is life, rust is love!!

25 CSN3RD Great range of difficulties throughout the different categories. Nice infrastructure and support.

25 johanmodaal Nice and difficult

25 voynz n1c3

25 icssword nice ctf

25 toasterpwn Challenging but fun

25 Nspace Great CTF, I really enjoyed the pwn challenges.

25 TacticalCream A good CTF with quality challenges

25 Sleipner ctf not bad. ctf good

25 sm0keNerd amazing challs

25 parrot Awesome webs

25 k0m3g4 Great CTF

25 iman4000 that was insane good : D

25 muffinx amazing CTF :D

25 m4gnum a great one :D

20 kr4ft Good challenge difficulty. Good variety of challenges.

25 Th0m4sK NICE

25 FeDEX ? pwns

25 4nimanegra great

25 Rivit good

25 th3f0x good ctf

25 Seebusch great CTF

25 cybereagle2001 this CTF was amazing the challenges are so hard. Good quality

25 MeatballFlag Fun challs, definitely not easy, good organizers, decent infra.

25 omakmoh Very nice CTF

25 p4w cool CTF

25 uvicorn awesome ctf. Very interesting reverse

25 jack4818 Really enjoyed the crypto challenges and Maotiplication was a very neat challenge

25 Higashi Good

25 pl4nty Great support and some really interesting chals

25 psycholog1st greatCTF

25 AuraSmasher Very well built CTF

19 vrls Challenges designed with care, very interesting overall

25 Khaliil Nice Crypto Challs

25 m1gnus Well organized CTF and funny challenges

25 nella17 Good CTF

25 JesusCries nice organiser and great infra

25 MOR14R7Y perfect

25 dacat_ Hard challenges but all of them well thought out. Good gradient from medium -> hard. No guessing.

25 tensor We didn't manage to save Alice but nice challs!

25 junron Very cool

24 37hG3rm4n Nice ctf

25 Lotus98 In my experience, one of the best CTFs I played this year, great challenges and also great infra, organization and support. Kudos to CoR!!

25 RJCyber great infra!

25 RJCyber fun ctf!

25 lebr0nli Nice chall

25 DangKhai Nice chall

25 josephsurin good ctf

25 Sup3r_B3ttl3_G4m3r Crypto was painful

25 goeo_ cor is pretty epic

25 downgraded great event. cool admins & fun web :)

25 GaganChandan Very well organized

25 phlox

25 Renwa Best CTF year to date