Voting ended at: June 21, 2021, midnight

Weight after voting: 24.49 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 EsharkyTheGreat Good for beginners

25 Unrooted perfect CTF imo, everyone could find a task for themselves

25 TWY Appropriate Difficulty Difference Between Challenges

25 ethnetsky Nice CTF

25 n1ghtmar3 Nice

25 suchastomioka

25 MtSaka great

25 0xsakthi Good

25 Mr.R00T Nice CTF

25 Hellsender nice

25 NitroFTLS nice one

25 sos1s good one

25 MaskdMafia It was a nice CTF

25 p4nt0m4th good

25 firesale cool challs

25 ethnetsky Nice! CTF, interesting challs!

25 pyon787 good challs

25 fr334aks Awesome

25 _Ph03N1X_ Nice CTF

25 Raikovici it was a nice ctf

22 0xD20 maybe

20 TareqAhamed

24 puzzler7 -1 for bcacraft, great otherwise

25 Jopraveen asom

25 sshubhamk1 Nice CTF

25 merlin777k Great CTF ! I learned new tools specially in forensics. Hope to join more events from you guys. Thanks !!!

25 smd Nice CTF

25 0xsakthi Good one

25 Lisasil Nice one.

25 ZxM I aprob!

25 zeyu2001 Good CTF

25 n1ghtmar3 Nice One

20 marufmurtuza

3 0xmmalik interesting ctf, but a lot of technical difficulties with infra and a lot of the challenges

25 TWY Good CTF to revise the basics

20 Isopach nice beginner friendly ctf

25 bever209 gud

25 elliotM87 Very interesting challenges

25 xbowery nice ctf

23 ptr-yudai Overall good but the pwn tasks were a bit too easy and unbalanced (6 out of 8 are basic stack overflow challenges afair)

20 Po4est ))

25 MREX Nice

15 tacbliw beginner level ctf

23 kiddah webex had beginner friendly challenges with increasing difficulty, few were a little to easy, well done

25 1Legacy My best ctf ever especially the webex

25 Maybe nice ctf

25 TheMythologist Many great challenges that range from easy to difficult ones

25 Roellik Some mislabeled challenges and certain infra issues, but a wide array of interesting and varied tasks and a great difficulty curve.

25 Dannyx001 Nice ctf kek approved

20 lime_attack Nice and beginner friendly CTF, web challenges were a bit too easy though. All of the SQLi challenges could be solved with the same payload.

25 NPC Interesting task. 1337 misc. Beginner friendly pwm.

25 p1xel nice ctf

25 MtSaka great

25 darkstar nice CTF

25 merlin777k Great CTF ! Learned new tools in forensics. Challenges were balanced for beginners and advanced participants. Thanks !!!

25 Vaneshik Normal CTF

16 Vaneshik Normal CTF

25 wongyos Good

25 kartibok Great CTF - Well organised with excellent challenges.

25 firesale Well balanced CTF

25 Eth007 great ctf despite some of the forensics being guessy

25 Jopraveen nice

25 erikkabir A

25 0xSAZZAD great CTF

25 satranfah001 good

25 galoget Very nice CTF, interesting challenges, I had fun while solving them.

25 MOR14R7Y Nicely organised! Challenges were fun and so were admins


25 junron learnt a lot

25 suchastomioka nice CTF

25 icssword Nice CTF

25 psycholog1st not quite a beginner ctf

25 SlayerFox Is a very nice CTF

25 Tens0r Challanges range from beginner friendly to hard!