Voting ended at: Oct. 18, 2021, midnight

Weight after voting: 36.94 / 37.350

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


37 bawolff Super challenging and well constructed. On par with the difficulty of events like google's ctf.

37 Riatre Stop making 96-hours-worthy CTF.

37 numberbee good challenges

37 apropos very hard but very fun - could use some intermediate level problems to bridge the easy and difficult

37 Angmar Nice crypto

37 Nspace ?

37 mikit nice, but I don't like some unplanned hints

36 gallileo Awesome challenges, rating should be much higher IMO. -1 for memefd, otherwise really cool and interesting challenges.

37 killerdog should be 80+, ctftime rating delay sucks :(

37 lebr0nli very hard but fun CTF

37 willsroot very fun ctf!

37 Quintec pretty poggers

37 Strellic great challenges!

37 Hihihaha Very challenging and practical challenges

37 damjan Too hard for me, but clearly very well designed challenges. Probably deserves 100 points.

37 HNN4ABO Good and hard challenges.

37 bawstaws Really good CTF, hard challenges

37 maple3142 good and fun challenges

37 apoirrier one of the best CTF I've ever done

37 parrot webs too good

37 gripingberry very good stuff

37 sapra One of the best CTF of the year

37 r4j nice

37 Renwa Other ctf authors and ctf organizers learn from pb

37 hgarrereyn high quality

37 ehhthing wish i was dank enough to solve the web :(

37 jimmyl02 very good challs, webs were insane