Voting ended at: Aug. 9, 2021, midnight

Weight after voting: 34.64 / 35.640

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


32 Fayred Very cool !

35 TheFF9 Amazing

35 deltaclock very cool web!

35 umutoztunc The challenges were unusual which made it more fun for sure.

35 BZHugs Nice CTF but wish there were less hint drop for already solved challenges

32 FernandoJAlves Pretty solid CTF, just wish there were more crypto challenge

32 joaoccm Fun CTF, but the pwn challanges were really hard

35 CSN3RD Exciting ctf with engaging and tough problems

35 Angmar Nice CTF but wish there were more crypto challenges

16 TheFF9 Amazing cTF, staff was extremely attentive and challs perfectly. Balanced in most areas. It was fun and challenging at the same time.

35 parrot Webs were very nice and hard!

35 face0xff great event, fun, creative, difficult challs in most categories (re, web, ker...) tho next time please don't release hints for solved challs

33 Pedrocssg Challenging CTF, harder than expected

33 SantosAntero Definitely harder than expected

35 Blupper Cant compare to much since its only my second one, but it seemed very professional and the challenges were, well, challenging

35 bow Harder than I expected ngl

35 beauby Good CTF

25 s0ca Harder than I thought at first ! It was a really fun CTF where I learned a lot !

35 MOR14R7Y unique and pretty good challenges. enjoyed a lot and very friendly admins XD

35 Excellent CTF

35 whoami730 Nice CTF, but we need more crypto!

35 skat It was pretty fun. Infrastructure was shaky at first and some challs were a bit guessy but overall it was top notch! 10/10

20 rupanshugoyal nice

35 puzzler7 Excellent CTF

35 OreoMonster good ctf

35 chenx3n Pretty solid CTF