Voting ended at: June 12, 2021, 11:59 p.m.

Weight after voting: 19.21 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 erikkabir great

25 c0wb3ll good

25 GaganChandan ?

25 c0wb3ll good

10 Nexov Guessy challs and event time reduction without clear information on main page

25 GaganChandan Very good competition

20 icssword We enjoyed it.

25 0xDoge A 1 is totally unfair, the challenges were great and staff was responsive

1 circleous pepega

25 wongyos OK

20 skyeto Thx for fixing the SB! Giving a 1 for that is unfair. But 10 tries is stupid eg. O/0, discord chall was down, needs more QC, gl next! :)

25 Hamad I enjoyed it

25 Cli-ish The challenges where quite cool, some had a few guessy parts in it where the flag submission limit with 10 was unnessecary.

25 Sh1n The ctf was really WTF, enjoyed some challenges tho : )

25 tensor Good CTF with challenges ranging from beginner to hard difficulty.

25 victim1307 good

25 debutq

20 _Ph03N1X_ CTF is ok but in crypto some challenges were guessy

25 Mr.R00T Pwn was good

25 firesale Crypto was good.

25 NitroFTLS nice CTF

25 psycholog1st ..

25 The_Crazyman a really nice ctf. with interesting challenges

20 icssword Interesting challenges but not real life scenarios.

25 MOR14R7Y It was great CTF. The challenges and infrastructure was pretty good too

11 0xD20 We are Racoons

1 DaKeiser Horrible CTF, horrible challenges, horrible moderation

1 mystiz Pepega

1 quend 1 because they truncated the scoreboard to top 3 and guessy challs with flag submission limits

18 white_wolf it was ok

10 circleous guessy af. pwn are really easy. It could have been a nice overall for an entry level CTF, but madjelly really made everything guessy af.

12 tacbliw Some challs are guessy; should not have flag attempt limit of 10; pwn challs are so easy