Voting ended at: Sept. 26, 2021, 8:59 p.m.

Weight after voting: 23.64 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 kejser Super

25 ethnetsky Nice CTF

25 Dr.DONN4 good one

25 0x1923 y

25 Noxy_proxy gud

25 jodunk nice one

25 c3p0xrt nice

25 InersIn nice

25 ZabbuBear Lots of fun!

25 dayt0n fun ctf!

25 Black-Fox Yoi

24 Cli-ish Some parts a bit guessy

21 Xayn Pretty nice ctf

25 Masquerade Good ctf

25 eggag32 Orz

25 pyon787 good challs

20 r3dact0r good ctf

25 satranfah001 good

25 Zaua Very good and original challenges

25 bteam

25 astralxploit0 Very nice ctf, good pwn challenges.

25 stucky very good forensic

25 danielep good

25 mito Very good pwn challenges

25 junron pwn was good

25 bever209 very good and hard

25 ethnetsky Nice CTF

1 ResponsibleAdult chall plagarism cringe

25 stankc Had fun!

1 thepiercingarrow good ctf

25 NitroFTLS good

25 Perryman Very interesting competition

25 Perryman Very interesting competition

25 lightStack Very well done CTF with a wide variety of difficulties.

1 Aplet123 The omgsosmolhowhack challenge is a direct rip from babyfirst from hitcon 2015

25 icssword nice ctf

25 KRyTeX nice CTF

25 K415 This is what we can call a CTF

25 Ming1025 good

25 NoobHacker9999 great ctf, pwn and crypto had a steep curve in difficulty level

25 _Ph03N1X_ nice CTF

25 nobodyisnobody_ good ctf, nice pwn challenges, from easy to hard..

25 alihv nice ctf !

25 riyadbinislam0 awesome ctf

25 riyadbinislam0 awesome ctf. want to play again.

25 Cens0red Fun ctf good web challs

25 N34R The challenges had a great difficulty curve except pwn.

1 Quintec many copied challs and strange guessing

1 ginkoid copied challenge from hitcon

25 0xSAZZAD amazing CTF, loved it.

25 anakint The questions are easy but challenging enough as well.

25 ZhaoQi99 Very nice!

25 RJCyber challenging

25 hatieudao85 good

25 Rookie441

25 bteam nice

25 Shotokhan A lot of interesting challenges; in particular, it was nice to deal with (basic) challenges about Ethereum.

25 Roellik i like it

25 2kofawsome Fun problems

25 Eth007 Great CTF!

25 Sup3r_B3ttl3_G4m3r Finally maxed out all the cryptossssssss

25 ThePr0gramm3r I loved the ethereum challenges

25 WhiteHoodHacker gg