Voting ended at: May 16, 2022, midnight

Weight after voting: 33.27 / 36.585

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


35 stuxf Very nice osint challenges, format was a bit weird but was also cool.

1 Ariyan no

36 fm4dd unusual discord chall style, but worked quite well. Thank You!

36 bawolff Loved it, had a lot of fun. One of the web chals was a bit guessy, but generally challs were great. Mostly beginner and intermediate level,

36 _omphalos_ Really enjoyed this CTF. The OSINT challenges were fun to figure out

36 ninnikukawaii great ctf

20 ptr-yudai pwn was mostly good / close-sourced web in 2022? / classical cipher in 2022? / stable infra / stable scoreboard

35 shinmai nice variety in challenges, good infra, fun gimmick.

36 leonuz hard ctf

36 godev Interesting OSINT and jail tasks

36 ilakkiya.vijay002 Good

36 ilakkiya.vijay002 Good

32 v1k1nghawk Enjoyable CTF event because the problems are so complicated and rightfully so:)

36 Miaou Very good CTF with both challenging and accessible challs

36 Noxy_proxy Great CTF, loved the discord approach

30 sahuang Nice challenges, discord brings a few issues and is not easy to manage teams :)

30 Solopie Lots of challenges which the team was able to solve

36 DicksonYCT Great CTF I discovered at last minute! Nice approach on not using website and using Discord, I am just too lazy to remember CTF site login:)

36 quintin Great CTF, lots of challenges, not guessy, Discord format worked well

36 nerd great ctf do more

36 mium it was awesome

36 Perryman amazing ctf

36 OPz_qt Nice ctf

36 LinuxBro Loved it, great CTF!

2 LinuxBro Loved it, great CTF.