Voting ended at: Feb. 13, 2022, 9 p.m.

Weight after voting: 36.70 / 37.230

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


37 Zaua One of the best CTFs I've ever done

37 ndrewh nightmare :(

37 snydej2 Loved this CTF! Especially the crypto. I learned new things from each one I attempted.

37 q3st1on HOLY FUCK this was difficult. some challs still not solves over a week after the end of the comp even with a bounty placed on them.

37 LeG really great CTF and nice plateform

37 ghsi10 nice CTF

37 jack4818 Loved the crypto challenges, Braid one was too intimidating for me to try though haha

37 Hellsender cool

37 Th0mas_ High quality, creative challenges

37 Neobeo Great CTF, thoroughly enjoyed it

37 sudobash418 Great CTF all around

37 nick0ve Creative and tough challenges, learnt a lot. Organizers and infra was good. Definitely worth more than 37 points

37 Shotokhan Very hard and very funny

37 richyliu Creative and difficult, yet somewhat contrived, challenges.

37 gallileo IMO should be 50+. Challenges were very creative, hard and overall incredibly fun :)

37 esrever Crypto challenges cover a good variety of subjects, and many have interesting solutions.

37 H-mmer Great CTF, hard challenges

37 nobodyisnobody_ Nice CTF, good quality challenges.

20 4dr15hy4 Tough CTF, sorry for the earlier low ranking I didn't understood how to vote

37 kh0kh0 definitely top tier

37 Khaliil Hard but learned new stuff

10 4dr15hy4 It was tough one

37 zavinator zajebisty ctf

37 parrot quality overflow.

37 reteps epic

37 mechfrog88 CTF with great challenges

37 maple3142 Challeges are hard but fun to solve too, learned a lot

37 Ka3l High quality and fun ctf.

37 kylebot very fun. Definitely worth more than 37 pts.

37 inho nice but hard

37 nt1dr High quality challenges,looking forward to official writeups

37 crazyman nice challenge but so hard

37 toasterpwn Very Fun

37 downgraded yes

32 Amendil Very great challenges. Learnt a lot. Great support from the organising team. However some challenges were done in a rush and were bugged.

28 Amendil Very great challenges. Learnt a lot. However some challenges were done in a rush and were bugged.

37 bawolff This was excellent. The challenges were tricky and surprising without being guessy.

30 SuperFashi Very interesting challenges and fresh ideas.

37 Noamister Hard and awsome, in my opinion some crypto challenges were a 256 bit too hard for a less than 40 points weight ctf

37 Mem2019 High quality

37 CSN3RD DiceGang never disappoints. Challenges are top tier with high levels of difficulty.

37 molenzwiebel very challenging, some challenges were a bit cheesy but enough challenging ones that anyone can solve given enough time

37 j3seerr challenges r pain :c but pretty gud ctf

37 dfyz Incredibly well-run CTF with hard challenges

37 serioton great ctf , really enjoyed it

37 face0xff very good

37 Azmidium Active and quick support team and the challenges were high quality and challenging.

37 loops fun challs

37 Squidiot Hard

37 andrewlam awesome ctf

37 A-Z Awesome CTF

37 retr0. Nice challs

37 pspaul top tier challenges

35 sahuang Very decent and well-organized CTF, challs are nice and stable.

37 Shadowwws Incredible challenges and fun admins