Voting ended at: June 12, 2022, 4 p.m.

Weight after voting: 24.88 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 AMF Fun challenges but a bit hard

25 bsempir0x65 was quite tuff with nice little easy ones

25 khongcocaigibenlau nice

25 junron good chals

25 TuxPad Enjoyed it!

25 ahmi10917 good

25 Citizen_142141 Good challenges!

25 -Q- Good

18 Vo1ume Hard to compete in another timezone when staff is asleep during the day

25 c3p0xrt nice

25 0c34n solid mix of challenges

25 DackDaron Nice CTF

25 gdpr.1657638594.53bf4a8e9701b8 good challenges, stable infra

25 Nissen Fun and varied challenges with a good variation in difficulty

25 hvn nice and fun

25 aynkl gg

24 SHAOCHI_LU good but a little difficult

25 tehdisko Great challs!

25 neeagleism nice challanges

25 maple3142 Good challenges!

25 k0m3g4 HQ :>

25 yanganyi Nicely set questions from not-so-beginner friendly easy questions to super hard questions to make you question your own sanity. Keep it up!

25 CPUKiller Perfect but challenging

25 MatiasForti24 Great challenges!

25 cash-hunter Good challenges.

25 altareen Good CTF.

25 ExcelsiorSG nice challenges ranging from ones meant to teach beginners the ropes to ones that test your sanity >.<

25 b1ack_c0de really enjoyable ctf

25 alternox respect

25 Noxy_proxy yessir

25 devgianlu Nice and interesting challs ranging from beginner friendly to difficult

25 Kabinet good challenges

25 aynkl good challs, Thank you

25 OfficialBenko Extraordinary good. ^^

25 Scalpel High quality

25 willwam845 really good challs

25 whoamins +rep

25 zeski good challs

25 Alex_ Great challenges in all categories

25 serioton Really GREAT CTF!

25 A-Z Excellent challs

25 gayatri Wonderful experience!

25 opliko Interesting and diverse challanges

25 crazyman Great challenge,Hope for next year