Voting ended at: Jan. 28, 2022, 3 p.m.

Weight after voting: 17.46 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 Aghilan Nice CTF with interesting challenges. Please try to make the challenge softwares open source and infra better next time.

25 alexbrent1996 good ctf for beginners

17 oioki Don't make entering the flag a burden once the team solved it (e.g. Spanish bank). Apart from that, it was a good fun CTF for beginners.

25 0xAr7hur That was a really good CTF

25 M.Rajabinasab Guessy, bad infra, wrong flag format, poorly designed challenges & poor announcement of the time extension. Still good for the 1st try.

20 justanothern00b bad infra some okayish challs

22 EdbR nice

25 0x7anmay good

25 0x7anmay good

10 deomkicer most challs only require guessing skills

25 Po4est 1

20 pureGavin good CTF, but pwn is not good enough

20 untitaker unstable servers which took the wind out of the beginning. decent challenges, good for beginners

20 Hacker404 Good For Beginners not for all . Best of Luck for next time ( Note : We want Fast response from admin )

25 jetmortt nice


25 133go7as nice

9 Leslato The ctf was for the beginners who privilege the complete teams and not the skills, next time put the point dinamic and not static.

25 Reaper_Dhan nice ctf

25 yoobi Nice tasks, but bad infra

25 wizard_alfredo fun CTF for beginers

1 downgraded

1 gallileo Full feedback: TL;DR: Infra bad, challenges guessy and bad, admin behaviour not the best.

16 AK4E lol

1 bteam Super bad forensics, they are not digital forensics. They even dont know what is stego and what is forensics

20 Ichyaboy lying

10 serioton Decenet CTF

12 ch0nguS not bad but too guessy flags and rlly slow infra but i liked the tasks overall

20 alternox Nice one, just bad infra, guessy flags and i guess the creators and tasks writers lack good english writing skills

5 deNableD guesssssss.....

25 Po4est 22

7 Akinari guessing

3 Akinari guessing

25 RJCyber fun ctf, easy challenges

25 Seifallah1 good

19 Noamister Nice CTF but some of the challenges were mah (OSINT was kinda bad), and we had to guess a lot but generally it was a good ctf

5 unblvr Nice try, but too many guessy/gated challenges, slow infra, and way too much (bad) OSINT. Base encoding != crypto and input checking != pwn

25 Vanya13377331 Nice tasks, but bad infra

5 crazyman easy challenge guessing time potato website

7 sh1yo Web tasks were not challenging. Either you solve them quickly or you need to guess what was within authors' minds.

20 artemxbm many performance problems

20 v1per some challenges were good, but also contained a lot of guessy challenges

20 b1i83r A well made ctf for beginners with little infra problem

12 AtomicNicos Good challenge diversity. Some very guessy or badly described. Infrastructure problematic at times. Fun. "Try Harder" by mods irksome.

15 th3f0x easy challenges

25 DiegoAltF4 Nice!

5 HenryRozenttag Bad infra, some guessy challenges

25 Elf Easy but still funny, except some very very guessy challenges and "Try harder"

25 133go7as nice event

25 wonderchild Nice!

18 splintercelian Very good CTF to learn and stay motivated with beginner friendly challenges. Quite a success judging by the number of Teams for a first CTF

22 ghsi10 The challenge was great for beginners and contained lots of different challenges.

10 zeyu2001 OSINT challenges weren't well thought out.

15 greybtw Kind a good CTF for beginner, but the infrastructure's so bad. Failure to load and submit flag

23 TheOddCoder Aimed at beginners

25 SSpirate Gud ctf

7 kekburger bad infra, ignorant admins, repetitive, guessy, uninspired and copied challenges.

25 defeatedkitten nice

10 Leslato The ctf was for the beginners who privilege the complete teams and not the skills, next time put the point dinamic and not static.

10 gdpr.1644604440.fe4a7402660030 Infrastructure unstable, with some poor challenge description. The difficult was begginer, Programming category was the interesting idea.

15 KFSPC8 CTFs should not rely on flag format guessing to raise the difficulty (OSINT challenges). There are other ways to do it.

25 Al3x2 very niceeeeeeee ;)

10 r3yc0n1c |:(

25 0xsakthi Good

15 samiko Good beginner CTF, but infra was constantly down and some challenges were repetitive, guessy, uninspired, or all of the above.

25 ElliotM87 Good variety of challenges

25 TheSavageTeddy good beginner ctf

15 LaylaChan suitable for beginner

25 b1ack_c0de I really appreciate your hard work!! This event will surely help the organizer to organize future events more smooth and challenging. Thanks

1 bteam

15 downgraded webs were mostly either very generic or very guessy, not a too bad of an event if created by beginners tbh

15 richyliu Easy pwn/rev challenges, some of the OSINT was very guessy. Infrastructure issues.

25 9Mile Enjoyable CTF but some guessy solutions, but the organisers were available for the whole time.

19 deomkicer most challs only require guessing skills

23 jdesalle HAd a lot of fun, though they can be a lot of amelioration in the way some challenge are handled, especially osint and programing.

18 NullStomper Good beginner level CTF. Some challenges were guessy.

25 realexp3rt Great

17 SpiritOfSea Kinda Intermediate-level CTF

15 eobeob Decent, lightweight and fun.

5 wski Reptitive and unoriginal tasks. Too many too less challenging challenges.

15 Neobeo Fairly decent for their inaugural CTF, though the OSINT challenges were poor and the admins didn't handle the criticism well

15 pyx Fun.

17 peace_ranger Good CTF for beginner and Intermediate players. OSINT challenges were very guessy, other than that it was really fun..

25 Seifallah1 Great CTF

20 Hellsender Should be marked as beginner level ctf and also need to work on infra part

23 LeG Great CTF even if some challenges were really guessy

15 Arkanor Some good challs, some copypaste, some very guessy. Admins refused to accept some of the challs had ambiguous solutions.

15 Roellik Some good, some unoriginal, some horribly guessy challenges. After asking for clarification about the latter I was kickbanned from Discord.

25 notmari I enjoyed this CTF a lot.

16 FelixX Overall pretty enjoyable ctf.

25 Shotokhan A lot of challenges, low to medium difficulty; the organizers were very available despite many people offending them on Discord.

23 sahuang Some challs are quite guessy, and at the start there are quite some server issues.

25 Leoo The creators tried their best and even though there were lots of mistakes made, it still was pretty fun for their first ctf :)

22 Cli-ish Not worth 25 points, far to guessy without real exploits.

25 Jopraveen nice