Voting ended at: March 27, 2022, noon

Weight after voting: 52.62 / 53.955

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


50 mahaloz Our team had fun; good mix of challenge types; actually fun misc challs; wish there was less source tho ;)

53 kh0kh0 high quality, high difficulty

53 leonuz fun but very hard

53 snydej2 Very well designed challenges. Some issues with challs being down but, given what other ctfs are worth, I'd give this over 100 if I could.

53 bak Great CTF.

53 toasterpwn Very Challenging, not guessy, Perfect Platform, good communication

53 tacbliw Well done, very hard ctf, not guessy at all

53 downgraded great as always

53 parrot gud

50 AlienX pretty difficult for its current rating

53 sahuang High quality.

53 Amendil Very challenging. Good challenges, very well built. Website's features were nice. No infrastructure problems. Good communication. GOOD JOB!!

53 Ark a lot of fun

53 zeosutt very nice

53 ghsi10 hard challenges but nice ctf

53 willsroot good pwn challs

53 saroussi Pretty hard challenges

53 saroussi Pretty hard challenges

53 saroussi Pretty hard challenges