Voting ended at: May 11, 2022, 11:59 p.m.

Weight after voting: 86.30 / 96.780

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


87 neeagleism worthy ctf

45 emanb29 Challenging, but almost no variety in flags - required moderate binary reverse engineering skills and little else.

96 sudoq Really good CTF. Good difficulty mix of challenges.

1 kh0kh0 Even though quality was definitely 100 for the intended audience, this score is supposed to measure difficulty. I'd give this CTF 40-60 best

96 gdpr.1664748922.b4b8e821c0e482 This was a great CTF, thank you :)

96 b3rcut7 most popular ctf

96 Chessmaster best CTF of the year!

96 L0k1 Great one

60 splitline High qualitsy challenge & great infra. But should not weight that high because of its overall difficulty

72 miuze great challenges

60 kalex Good quality of the challenges, but i feel like they were a little too easy (in general) compared to the weight of the CTF

96 junron great challenges

96 doB0b Nice CTF for beginners, intermediate, and advanced level CTF player, I

80 d1l3mm4 Nice CTF. Varied difficulty levels and no need of guessing or bruteforcing

80 iranari good

85 sf_t4ng0 Funny

86 rubick Learnt a lot, enjoyed a lot and felt there's more to learn. Everything you ever wish for.

96 space_cowboy Good spread of challenges. Good infra. Learned a few things.

96 lolipop Really good ctf. learned a lot from the problems

96 Po4est јүу

1 kroppersctf numero uno ctf!

96 FlyN-Nick Solid quality, and great infra!

96 rozie Perfect CTF. Different difficulty levels, nice descriptions, no need to guess. No issues with infrastructure. We had great fun.

96 xbowery Really good CTF with wide range of challenges of varying difficulty. Fun to play!

96 flocto Really good CTF! Good variety/difficulty curve of challenges. Also really enjoyed web

96 eiis1000 Great stuff!

96 LightVillet Very interesting CTF

96 serioton Great CTF <3

96 layka_ cool ctf as always

96 sangjun very good

95 SGlombicki Very fun challages

96 crazyman great challenge

96 Arrow great

96 Zaua Top tier CTF. Incredible quality and infrastructure. Thanks!

95 zavinator Zajebisty ctf

90 neeagleism Not bad tasks

95 shinmai Incredible infra, a lot of variety, ZERO GUESSWORK and paperless crypto. what more can you ask for?

96 H-mmer Solid stuff, see you next year!