Voting ended at: March 13, 2022, 9:30 a.m.

Weight after voting: 22.65 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 aryanshb good

25 sh4d0wd0g Good ctf with a nice variety of difficulty

25 Black-Fox go

25 Sant268 Good CTF

1 Ariyan OH

25 ElliotM87 Good ctf

25 b1ack_c0de Beginner Friendly. Admin were responsive. Thanks for this event

25 Ext_TerMINAtor Good CTF

25 Nitros__ good

25 -Q- good ctf

25 j1s0o very hard

25 j1s0o very hard

25 -Q- Good CTF.

25 ilakkiya.vijay002 It was not hard but not tough

25 ElliotM87 Good CTF

1 sahuang Guessy challs, poor quality of Crypto/OSINT.

25 icssword Amazing CTF, nice challenges :)

25 notmari Good CTF, but in my opinion some of the hints were useless and just a waste of points.

25 sos1s very good

25 anonking64 Good CTF although some challs were guessy

25 R1ad gg

20 dr_doak nice ctf

25 plue__ Nice For and crypt

25 HackerOne Excellent CTF Challanges

25 mumuzi gg

25 comrade Great beginner friendly CTF. All challenge was good except the OSINT challenges. :P

25 0xAr7hur Nice CTF

25 nosurf A tad guessy but still good

25 Maggotty Excellent CTF that also was suitable for beginners. No connection issues like the other CTFs recently.

25 SHAOCHI_LU Good ctf

25 qw3rt Nice CTF!

25 cia.b1ack_e66 Enjoyed A lot!!! That was Beginner friendly. Admin was responsive. Thanks for this CTF

21 khongcocaigibenlau nice

25 Leoo Very very guessy but still nice ctf :)

25 Arrow cool challenges. osint could be reduced though and basic binary exploitation could've been added.

20 aryanshb Good beginner CTF

25 Borb3d Nice challs

23 Hwi So many challenges to do. Despite somes being too guessy, overall a very enjoyable ctf

25 javad A few dead-easy challs, plenty that made you think, and a couple that were never solved. No infra problems are a win!

25 z3r0_b1t gg

25 tiennvhe163008 nice