Voting ended at: Aug. 8, 2022, midnight

Weight after voting: 50.75 / 51.960

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


51 Shadowwws very nice

51 r4j4s0lim4n great CTF ! was very artistic and challenging. the art of hacking :-) . Thanks !

51 SmoothHacker Top quality CTF! Props to SigPwny for making some great challenges

51 voydstack very good CTF, high quality challenges

51 mebeim Awesome challs in the system category!

51 skat UIUCTF is the best CTF my team does all year. It's fun and enjoyable and well-made. SIGPWNY is the GOAT.

51 cryze Difficult but very good challenges, infra was amazing and admins responded quickly to questions.

50 Dunkat Well-organized CTF that had unique challenges. Just wish there was a little more classic pwn.

51 face0xff very nice

51 Fane system challenges were suuuuper fun!

51 ChilledSodium fun but hard (not a bad way) challenges

51 dm.. good fun with all challenges I could find time to try

51 HurayraIIT This was an amazing event. The management was flawless. I can see the amount of experience these guys have. Problems were very interesting.

45 CryptoSec26 excellent environment, well organized contest, complex yet original challenges

51 flocto pretty difficult but still good ctf

51 a lof of good and original challenges

51 Ark nice web challenges

51 H-mmer one of the best ctf's this year has had to offer so far.